DIY Project: Decoupage Booties

Looking for ways to breathe new life into your worn and tattered footwear? Here's an easy DIY tutorial you can try this sem break!
by Kat Austria   |  Oct 16, 2012
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Browsing through your shoe rack, you find a dull pair that you haven't used in a while. On the other side, you spot a mountain-high pile of old magazine issues. What to do? Instead of throwing them all out, make use of them both and decoupage your shoes. Not only will you save money, but you'll also create a pair of shoes that expresses your creativity and shows your interests. (Just don't make the mistake of walking in the rain in them!)

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About the author
Kat Austria Correspondent
Kat is an aspiring shoe designer and graphic artist who enjoys writing, baking (eating sweets included!), figure skating, playing dress-up, and watching Pixar films. She's a bit shy and quiet at first but once you get to know her better, you'll discover that she's friendly, quirky, and above all else, a Candy Girl at heart.
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