5 Tips for Curvy Women Shopping for Denim Jeans

Be a jean-ious shopper: Seeing unnecessary small folds is an omen that you've got the wrong size.
by Ira Nopuente for Cosmo.ph   |  Oct 4, 2016
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When you're born with a sexy booty and plump thighs, finding a pair of denim pants that fit well with what you've got is like looking for Mr. Right. It will take lots of trial and error, and most likely, you can only find ONE with a great fit. But when you're armed with denim shopping knowledge, you can discover and own pairs of jeans that fit your body like a glove.

Go for a dark wash.
Indigo jeans create a slimmer silhouette. Plus, dark denim jeans can be worn both casual and glam simply by opting for a laid-back tee or a dressy top.

Embrace the stretch!
Stretch jeans hug your derriere and thighs nicely. Plus, you don't need to struggle just to put and zip your pants up!

Keep it wide.
You can balance a plump bottom and thick thighs with flared jeans. It's wide-leg shape below the knee slims the thighs and lengthens the legs.


Get a boyfriend.
We mean the denim type, of course! Anything too tight can highlight bulges you were intending to conceal. The relaxed fit of boyfriend jeans is forgiving, but its style is on-trend!

Head to the fitting room.
Don't mind the size labels because the best way to find the perfect-fitting jeans is to try the pair on yourself. Maximize your time in the fitting room. Test if you can still breathe while you sit, or check if your thighs can move freely as you walk in them. You can also observe if your tummy is struggling or if it's snug well by the waistline. Also, observe if you find creases on the crotch or the legs—seeing unnecessary small folds is an omen that you've got the wrong size.

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