Classroom To Hangout: Backpacks

Turn this grade school staple into a fashionable accessory!
by Janelle Yau   |  Jul 28, 2016
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Whether you're a third grade student who wants to ditch her roller bags to join the cool backpacks club or a high school student who wants to carry a fashionable shoulder bag to school but her thick Geometry, World History, and Chemistry text books wouldn't allow it, pretty much everyone has carried a backpack at least once in their lives. While backpacks are a common grade school staple, it can be a staple even for college kids, too! It's versatility, functionality, and style allows you to take it to class and even to your hangouts afterwards with complete ease. So read on to find out how you can rock the backpack in a stylish and totally grown up way.


Ditch the cartoon themed backpacks you used to rock when you were nine and opt for a sleek black one instead. While you're looking for a stylish backpack you can bring to school, be sure to choose a bag that’s still spacious enough to hold your readings and other essentials.



You may be used to seeing large backpacks made for school, but backpacks are actually made in all colors from blacks to brights, and in all sizes, too! Carry one in a bold and vibrant hue like Gigi's orange backpack, and opt for one in a small size so it'll be easy for you to tote it around.

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