Celebrate Summer with Penshoppe

Penshoppe continues to satisfy with their new line of fresh, fashionable and affordable apparel which arrives just in time for the full blast of summer.
by Roxci de Leon   |  Apr 14, 2011
photos courtesy of Penshoppe
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The sudden rise in temperature, the onset of many fabulous parties, and the increase of travelling to various beaches and resorts in the country... Indeed, summer has already made its way into the hustle and bustle of the metro.

But of course, with the many events and plans that you have scheduled in your planner, there's only one thing left to do (besides asking your parents for permission, that is): SHOPPING FOR YOUR BEAT-THE-HEAT WARDROBE!

Now, don't fret. Just because it's summer doesn't mean you have to look through each and every one of your wallets, trying to look for cash that could be hiding in the corners. Why, I hear you ask? Well, for one, Penshoppe's latest collection costs only at around P500-1000. (Not a bad price for people who aren't fortunate enough to be given allowance during the break.) And two, the latest campaign features beautiful maxi dresses trousers and light weight blazers which are made with fabrics "that can be used in beach parties or urban escapes".


Made for the jetsetter who can't get enough of both the city's night life and the beach, the clothes exude Penshoppe's classic sophisticated yet effortless look. The brand "had in mind people who need to be very flexible during the season. [People who] go to other cities for their summer holidays, [yet who'd still] want to look stylish in any setting."

"They are not intimidating clothes, because you'll see that they're still very basic and approachable at heart. It's how you put them together that makes the statement," says Penshoppe's brand manager, Alex Mendoza.

Lack inspiration on how to style yourself using the lovely pieces of Penshoppe? Well then, take a look at the slideshow below filled with pictures of the brand's endorsers for their latest collection. Fashion favorites such as Akihiro Sato, Bea Soriano, Solenn Heusaff and Ygor Pignatari are featured on the picturesque and breath-taking backdrop of the Misibis Bay Resort which serves as the perfect setting for Penshoppe's 2011 summer campaign.

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