Be An Ukay Expert!

  |  Dec 7, 2004
photos by Dakila Angeles * sittings editor Giselle Go
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Love ukay-ukay shopping? Learn these tips from ukay expert and top stylist Xeng Zulueta and shop like a pro!

1. Keep an eye out for detail instead of brands—that’s what makes pieces interesting.

2. When sifting through the racks, grab hold of the clothes instead of the hangers, that way you don’t miss out on anything and you get to feel the quality of the fabric.

3. Always ask for a discount, especially if you’re buying in bulk.

4. Look out for stains on the armpits, chest, or any other area that’s easily visible—these you can’t remove. Stains found on the hem can easily be cut off.

5. Bring baby wipes for when you’re done.

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Get more savvy shopping tips in the December 2004 issue of Candy!

For back issues, call Loel/Vivian at Filbar's, Inc. 4162459/4139688/7262784

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