8 Cute Outfits from Alexa Ilacad That Won't Break Your School's Dress Code

by Cheska Santiago   |  Feb 20, 2023
Image: Instagram/alexailacad
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Let's be real: Dressing up is already challenging on its own, but adding a strict dress code on top of that can make for a stressful time in the morning. To remedy this, it's best to check out the Instagram feeds of celebs and influencers who are known for having cute OOTDs that even modest dressers can enjoy.

To start, Alexa Ilacad is one celeb you can count on for chic back-to-school 'fits. Her style formula usually consists of comfy yet stylish pieces that are sure to keep you looking ~*trendy*~ while still adhering to your school's dress code. Ahead, we picked out eight of her cutest dress code-friendly attires:

Alexa Ilacad's Dress Code-Friendly Outfits

1. If your wardrobe mostly consists of hubadera tops, wearing a denim jacket over them is one way to get by your school's dress code.

2. For days when you just can't be bothered, don your favorite jacket and sweatpants. To avoid a slouchy fit, pick out a more fitted sweater and contrast it with flared pants.


3. You can never go wrong with a light and flowy dress—it's perfect for any time of the year!

4. If your classes are all in air-conditioned rooms, it's best to bring around a jacket with you. P.S. Make sure to choose a neutral-colored one so it can fit all your outfits.

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5. Nothing says back-to-school like this simple preppy outfit from Alexa.

6. Lessen decision fatigue in the morning when picking out an outfit by choosing co-ords. Now all you have to do is pick out your shoes!


7. If your school doesn't allow sleeveless tops or dresses and you don't want to wear a heavy denim jacket, you can use a cardigan instead.

8. Choosing fun prints and colors for your dress code-friendly 'fits can help from keeping your school wardrobe from looking too plain.

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