Style Files: Adana Bautista

Her fashion icons are Twiggy and Edie Sedgwick. Read more about her classic style here.
  |  Jul 23, 2011
photos and captions courtesy of Adana Bautista
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Name: Adana Bautista
Age: 19
School: Asia Pacific College
Hometown: Manila

Less is pretty. I'm a minimalist in everything—in my artwork, my stuff, and the way I dress. I don't usually like too many things around me. :)
Shopping hauts.
On weekends,  I go to ukays. I try to find some clothes that would really fit my personality like loose tops and vintage shirts. During weekdays, I go to department stores to check out new accessories and some DIY stuff.
Patch of black.
I will never lose that color, I would always wear something black.
Musically-inclined style. Alice Glass from Crystal Castles and Karen O from Yeah Yeah.  they’re not the typical kind of girls you see on MTV. I find them amazing and they have their own sense of style. Alice has this effortless beauty thing going on but for the younger grunge generation, while Karen O has a distinctive and original style that strikes a lot of attention.
Style goddess.
I was inspired by Twiggy. I first saw her in an old issue of Vogue magazine. Since then, I started to dressed like her until my freshman year in college. I started to become curious about fashion, how I should dress up, or how I should carry myself.
Style influence.
Factory Girl, I love Edie's style.
Monochrome closet.
My closet's color palette is black, white, and gray.  Since I started getting interested in fashion, I tried a lot of colors but it I don't see myself wearing something colorful—it felt uncomfortable.
I would never ever wear dresses,that's just not my thing. My style is kind of like boyish/classy style.
The basics.
Stylish heels, loose top, and fitted bottoms.
Trend rebirth.
Mod, the year when Edie Sedgwick and Twiggy got famous. I really, really like their style.
Vintage loan.
My mom had a passion for leopard prints. She had this leopard-printed scarf she bought in Hongkong a few years ago. I was wearing it when we went to Baguio last year.

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