18-Year-Old STEM Student Started A Streetwear Line That Now Has Over 10K FB Followers

by Regi Publico   |  Jan 8, 2020
Image: Courtesy of Richard Zshornack
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Richard Zshornack is a student from Colegio de San Juan de Letran – Manila who has big dreams to connect people through fashion, taking care not to compromise 'coziness' just to look good. At 18, he’s already off to do great things with his streetwear clothing line.

The brand started out as a joke that turned out to be a nudge in the right direction for this STEM student. Richard and his best friend, Neil, were talking about what they could do with their lives. Neil, knowing Richard was interested in fashion, suggested that he start his own clothing company, which Richard did not take seriously because it seemed impossible. At first, he thought, “This is just for making money and it is such a hassle...” What a typical busy university student thing to think of, right?

But in what seems like perfect timing, his older brother brought up plans of starting a t-shirt printing business so the three of them thought, why not? He conceptualized later that night and the business was born.

Inspired by A$AP Rocky’s song, Richard thinks Coziest is the perfect name for his brand because, according to him, “When you are comfortable with what you wear, your confidence builds up. I envisioned how amazing it [would] be to share my ideas and designs with people through this brand. I imagined how good it would feel [to see] friends bond over my designs, connect, and wear them on the streets, feeling cozy as ever, as how it should be.”


He’s very hands on with Coziest--he designs, monitors the printing process, mans the booth, and even models for it sometimes. Coziest has shirts, hoodies, bucket hats, and tactical bags (Keep your eye out for beanies, sling bags, and socks they’re gonna release soon!). It’s no wonder the brand is flourishing.

Richard felt like Coziest reached new heights in November 2019 when multi-awarded news anchor, Julius Babao, sported their Cozy Movements jacket in an IG post.

The clothing line's next release, Butterfly Effect, is slated for this January. This sixth series intends to deliver the message that “every little thing you do can make ripples that lead to a big difference.” 

Lastly, Richard shares a message to his peers: “You’re never too young or too old to do the things that you want to do. It’s not in the timing. As long as you like what you are doing, do it. It doesn’t matter how slow you’re going. What matters is that you’re making progress. You only live once.” For Richard, it’s important that you should do what you’re passionate about so you can live life with no regrets.

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