'90s Fashion Trends Bucket List

When you want cool and edge think '90s!
by Janelle Yau   |  Aug 28, 2016
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When you want something cool and edgy, you know you can always count on the nineties to give you just that! From cone bras to Doc Martens, '90s fashion was nothing short of bold and exciting. So if you want to add sass into your OOTDs, take a pick from these rad pieces we're sure you probably have in your closets already.


You read that right, today's IT neckpiece was actually a huge '90s trend! Keep it modern by ditching the edgy black chokers for a dainty gold one instead.

Floral Dress

Because the '90s were all about alterna-rock, the girly gals opted for floral skater dresses instead. Wear yours with your favorite pair of white sneakers to give your OOTD a modern touch.


Before Blair Waldorf made the headband the go-to hair accessory of the 2010s, bandanas were all the rage. Instead of wrapping it around your head, tie it around your neck for a cute neckerchief.



Cartoon-inspired tin lunchboxes made the '90s kid cool in a snap. Incorporate this fun trend into your outfits now by opting for a sleeker and chicer lunchbag.

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Crop Top

Keep your crop top selection structured and basic to keep this nineties piece modern and versatile.

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Denim Jacket

While the denim jacket was huge in the '90s, it is still just as cool now. Choose a graphic denim jacket for an interesting third piece to your look.

Leather Jacket

It doesn't mean that if you're not into edgy OOTDs that you can't rock a good leather jacket anymore! Choose one in a light shade like nude to keep things fresh and feminine.


Add the go-to print of the '90s into your OOTD by wrapping a retro flannel button down around your waist!

Which of these '90s trends will you be trying first? Tweet us or send us a snap at@candymagdotcom!

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