9 Style Equations to Makeover Your Campus Wardrobe

Time to brush up on your fashion math!
Jun 8, 2016
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9 Style Equations to Makeover Your Campus Wardrobe

Style tribes might be so over, but event-appropriate dressing is still a top consideration in our book. Pick among these nine formulas depending on what you’re going to do for the day.

Modern Romance

1. Shift Dress + Sneakers

GTW FAB chevron pattern dress, P799.75; GTW URBAN printed t-shirt dress, P599.75

The graphic black and white design adds structure to an otherwise laid-back outfit. Pair with sneakers for a down-to-earth vibe.

2. Painterly Top + Culottes

GTW FAB painterly top, P599.75; GTW FAB culottes, P799.75

Romantic cuts like these are best paired with soft colors and solid hues. 

3. Skater Dress + Sandals

GTW FAB skater dress, P699.75

Even out the sweetness of a dress with sandals that give your look a fashion-forward edge.

Org Party

4. Tee + Skirt Co-ords

GTW FAB high neck top, P599.75; GTW URBAN skirt, P399.75; GTW URBAN chevron pattern co-ords, P499.75/piece

Forget the cropped top + high waist skirt combo! This is the new way to wear the same print or hue H to T.

5. Mesh Tee + Graphic Skirt

GTW URBAN shirt dress with mesh sleeves, P399.75; GTW FAB printed shorts, P599.75

Opt for loose, comfy cuts. Other than that, you’re in the clear, and this look is sure to be tropics-appropriate.

City Dweller

6. Slouchy Tee + Asymmetric Skirt

GTW URBAN statement tee, P299.75; GTW FAB asymmetric graphic skirt, P599.75

Play with the fit to achieve this style. Bold graphics give the look an urban vibe.

7. Mock Neck Top + Ripped Jeans

GTW FAB high-neck top, P599.75; GTW TRUE LOVE ripped jeans, P699.75

Pay attention: Necklines are a key trend this season, and the best way to wear them is high. If you don't like the feeling of a turtleneck, cash in on the trend by wearing a regular tee back-to-front.

Print Princess

8. Cropped Mullet Top + Skirt

GTW FAB graphic high-low top, P599.75; GTW FAB skirt, P599.75

Kooky '80s-style graphics are a fun touch to any outfit. Don't forget to balance 'em out with a neutral piece. 

9. Slouchy tee + denim joggers + sneakers

GTW POP printed tee, P399.75; GTW TRUE LOVE jogger pants, P599.75

Still look stylish even when you’re going on a field trip with this combination. 


All outfits are by Girls Teen's Wear by SM, which can be found in The SM Stores nationwide.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with GTW by SM Store.


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