8 Things You Need to Know About ADMU Fashion

by Ryanne Co   |  Jun 2, 2017
Image: Janelle Yau | instagram.com/janelleyau
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Ateneo is home to the best and the brightest. We work hard and play even harder, all while looking our best. But contrary to popular belief, we're not at all high maintenance and we just keep our OOTDs cool casual while staying on campus. Curious about the Atenean fashion? Here are some things you should probably know about the blue eagle aesthetic.

Ateneans are masters at dressing for the weather.

If the Philippines has two seasons: wet and dry, so does Ateneo! It can be scorching hot now and freezing cold in a snap. Case in point, SOM building? Freezing cold. JSEC, which is literally 500 meters from the SOM building? Scorching hot. Because of this, Ateneans have learned to adapt to the always changing temperature within the university.

JSEC fashion is a thing.

For those of you who are wondering whether Ateneo boys really do dress in boat shoes, shorts, and polo shirts in JSEC. Yes, they do. Don't get us wrong, not everyone who hangs out in JSEC needs to own a pair of boat shoes, but there's a 97% chance that they already have a pair or two in their shoe cabinets.


White shoes have a life of their own.

Probably the majority of Ateneans have a pair of all-white shoes and it's amazing how they keep it squeaky clean to think that the campus is full of trees, grass, mud, and soil!

No uniforms!

Most INTACT professors have probably already scared the freshies with the story that once upon a time, HR personnels and company executives started complaining that Ateneans didn't know how to dress up for job interviews, which led to Ateneo LS to consider making students wear uniforms. Obviously, the idea didn't sit well with the students. So here we are now, decades later, still rocking our crop tops and minis, probably oblivious to the sacrifices the alumnae made in their fight against the implementation of uniforms.

The dress code is pretty chill!

Most people wear whatever they want whenever they want. The few exceptions include entering SOM Department and TH131 with Fr. Dacanay.

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Ateneo Trade is LYF.

Need a pair of shoes sold only in the US? Go to Ateneo Trade. Need to buy cute clothes on a budget? Head on over to Ateneo Trade! Looking for tap shoes/red pants/a Harley Quinn costume/an eight-million-peso Louis Vuitton watch? The answer is easy—ATENEO. TRADE!

ID laces are a fashion statement. Not to mention a personal statement, too!

Because not wearing your ID within campus is a mortal sin, different ID lace variations are available. Whether you're buying one from the bookstore or you stick with the lace they give you during the enrollment, you can be sure that when it comes to Ateneo fashion, an ID lace is a must.

Expect a lot of model off-duty looks straight from real models!

There are so many fashionable people in Ateneo that it gets a little intimidating when it comes to style. Almost everyone has great style, not to mention the fact that we are home to a crazy amount of model students—from Hye Won Jang to Kelsey Merritt!


How about you? What's your school's fashion personality?

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