7 Ways My Style Changed When I Entered College

by Karen Francisco   |  May 16, 2017
Art: Clare Magno
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There's no doubt that college is great and exciting. You get to meet new friends and you're immersed into a whole new environment that you may or may not be used to yet. Looking back at old pictures, not only did my look change (Freshman 15 is real, you guys!), my style, and my views on fashion changed well. Slowly, I would stop wearing pieces that I used to love and switched them up for something that suited my frame and personality better.  While every girl's style journey is different, here are the seven ways my style changed when I entered college. Hopefully, you can pick up a style tip or two as well and make your college fashion transition a little bit smoother.

I traded in my shorts for pants.

Maybe it was because of our school's dress code policy, but I decided to trade in my shorts for jeans to make me feel more confident as I entered college. I know it can get hot here in Manila, but I felt more comfortable wearing my new jeans rather than my old high school shorts that I used to wear every chance I got.

I ~finally~ ditched my flip-flops.

I still kept them of course, but I would never wear them to school even if we could. Flip-flops are so comfy, but they can break your look and make it seem like you had to rush out the door and didn't get to see what shoes you wore before heading out the door. 

I started experimenting with new hair colors.

Once I broke free from high school, I felt like a whole new person ready to conquer anything and everything. Of course, dyeing my hair all shades of brown and blonde seemed like the greatest idea. After all, there were no rules bounding me into keeping my hair a certain color anymore.


I invested in corpo outfits.

In college, we're required to dress in corporate outfits—especially when presenting in class. No matter how hard I looked in my closet, there was no sign of a corporate outfit anywhere. Then it hit me that it was time to finally hit the malls and search for some classier, yet professional pieces to add to my wardrobe for school and beyond.

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I said hello to bodycon dresses.

During my first few years of college, I loved going to parties with my blockmates or my new friends. Of course, going out to clubs and parties meant dressing up and my jeans and tank tops wouldn’t cut it. This is where bodycon dresses saved me from having to put together an outfit before heading for a night out.

Leggings are a must!

When I'd run out of jeans or skirts to wear, I would usually go for leggings for days when I didn't feel like dressing up. Leggings are also perfect for rainy days! You could just throw on a sweatshirt or a hoodie to feel cozy. 

I said goodbye to my old style forever.

As I searched for a new wardrobe for college, I realized that my old style didn't suit me anymore. I wanted to experiment with more accessories, tops, pants, and even shoe styles that I never thought I would want to wear back when I was in high school. In college, I realized that I was ready for something new and bolder. I also realized that it was time for me to discover new styles and trends and be fearless with my choices. In college, I learned that it's okay to want to try new things. After all, there's really no better time than college to discover and explore.

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How did your style changed when you entered college?

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