7 Things You Need to Know About UST Fashion

We can work it, too!
by Janel Gotauco   |  Jul 3, 2017
Image: University of Santo Tomas | https://www.instagram.com/ust1611official/
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The Pontifical and Royal University of Santo Tomas...there is neither a longer name than our alma mater's nor are there other Universities as old as she is. Though the cracks in our buildings and the misplaced national treasures in our school grounds may make us look old-fashioned and a thing of the past, Thomasians will beg to differ. So here's a short rundown of how we don it in UST.

It's obvious, we have uniforms.

You'll see students walking around the campus in all colors of the spectrum. White, blue, pink, green, and red—we have it all. Though many would think having uniforms are boring and lack self-expression, well, let us prove you wrong.

We find ways…

Hair dye, perms, and curls—you name it, we've done it. But isn't that against the good grooming policy, you ask? We have had our fair share of student rallies and protests against the "system," but hey, at least we were able to get our message across. "You can take away our freedom to wear tank tops and ripped jeans, but not with the color of our hair." Plus, any form of self-expression does not directly affect our academic performance, so we fight on.

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Yay for Fridays!

Other schools may have happy Thursdays because they get to hang out with their friends after class till the AM, but we're excited for Fridays just because we get to wear our Type B uniforms. This is it! We get to wear our high-waist pants and ditch our usual OOTD. 

Then the expensively branded sneakers came into play.

Everyone had to wear their Type B uniforms with Stan Smiths, Superga, or any sneaker brand that are at par. So yes, we obsess in uniformity: "Let's all wear white sneakers to class."

Our phones get the same attention, too. Colored springs for the win.

We value its ability to increase the iPhone/Samsung charger cord's durability and the wide array of colors they come in. Plus, they are very accessible as all the stalls along Dapitan and P. Noval Streets have them for sale.

But of course, everyone has to have an umbrella a.k.a. a Fibrella.


Wherever you are, when you are on the grounds of UST, you are only safe when you have an umbrella with you. Again, no true Thomasian is found without one.

Take another rain check.

No matter how prepared you are for the rain, no OOTD is truly safe. That's why the more tenured Thomasians learned to trade in their expensive sneakers and chic black flats for rain boots, flip-flops, or anything that is water resistant. If you fail to do so, you might just end up like my friend who came in shoeless for lab class cause he was still waiting for them to dry.


Rain or shine, you can count on Thomasians to flaunt their sultriest shade of red lipsticks. There is no better way of self-expression than how we put our makeup on.

What's *your* school's fashion personality?

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