7 Reasons Why You Should Always Dress for Yourself

by Keisha Lao   |  Aug 30, 2015
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Every girl should always take the time to dress for herself. There's nothing wrong with dressing up to look good for other people every once in a while, but at the end of the day, it will always be more rewarding to do it for yourself. No one is going to appreciate us as much as we appreciate ourselves.

 1  Fashion is a method of self-expression.

Style is a form of self-expression, everyone has their own sense of style. Fashion, to most of us, is an enjoyable creative outlet. When selecting your clothes, your individuality should not be put aside. The way you dress should be a reflection of yourself and your personality. Dress up according to your taste, not someone else's! Never be afraid to be yourself.

 2  Make a lasting first impression.

Before people get to meet you, some may take their first impressions from how you're dressed. What better way is there than to show the type of person you are through the clothes that you wear? When you take the time to show others who you really are, you are actually displaying self-assurance. Go ahead and showcase your individual style because its what you like! 


 3  Personal style is an extension of ourselves.

How we dress affects how we feel about ourselves. If you're comfortable with what you're wearing, then you'll feel comfortable overall. You should never dress up to suit another person's idea of how you're supposed to look. Everyone has their own style but not everyone can appreciate one another's. It's important to look good based on your own standards and no one else's.

 4  Improve your self-esteem.

When you dress for others, you lose a little part of yourself. You end up focusing too much on how other people think of you that you're unable to realize that it's only your opinion that matters. We've all got flaws we want to work on but we should always remember that we're working on them for ourselves and not for anyone else.

 5  Clothes have the power to affect our mood.

Bad days are inevitable. But although we can't change what's happening around us, we can always change the way we see things. This is why we need a little pick-me-up every once in a while through the clothes that we wear. Sometimes, all it takes is a whole new outfit to turn things around. How we look may sometimes affect our mood just as much as our surroundings can.

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 6  You shouldn't sacrifice your comfort.

Do you remember the pair of 6-inch heels that you haven't worn in a long time? There's a reason for that. For those who can take the pain, good for them! But for those who can't, we all just end up dragging our feet across the room! It is painful! This is why you should trade those high heels for something more comfortable. Once you feel good, you'll look even better!

 7  Look good because you love yourself.

Self-love means taking care and dressing up for yourself. There is only one you in this world. If you're dressing to please others, then you simply aren't being yourself. You need to be happy with the way you are. Who cares about what anyone else thinks as long as you think you look great? You do you because it is all that matters!

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