7 Celebrities and Bloggers Share Their Dad's Best Style Influence

Because dad's have mad style too!
by Erin Torrejon   |  Jun 19, 2015
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Personal style can come from various places–celebrities, bloggers, magazines, TV shows, movies, and more! But ever wonder how much your own dad has actually affected the way you see fashion and your own style? With Father's Day coming up this weekend, we asked some of our favorite fashionable celebs and bloggers how their dads have made an impact on their personal styles. They also share the best advice they've received from their fathers. Scroll down below to find out how different dads have made their stylish mark. Because really, dad's have influenced your style, too, and this weekend is the perfect time to give them credit for it.

 1  Coleen Garcia

"My dad influenced me to be very laid-back in many ways, including dressing up. Through him, I learned that there is just as much beauty and character in simplicity as there is in all other kinds of personal style. I was always a bit boyish because I was around my dad, brothers, uncles, and male cousins my whole life, since I was the only girl. Although growing up and becoming a lady has brought on different changes in the way I act and dress, especially in front of cameras, I still haven't let go of the simplicity that makes me, me."

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 2  Tricia Gosingtian 

"My dad loves wearing navy blue and I think it rubbed off on me because it's my favorite color! Other than that, I'd like to think I'm the one who influences his style."

 3  Janeena Chan

"Typical protective Dad, but he's supportive of my style choices and even lets me borrow pieces from his closet like a classic denim polo."

 4  Vern Enciso

"My dad's style has always been classic and he never goes overboard or tries trends blindly. He influenced me by abiding those principles when it comes to dressing up!"

 5  Gabs Gibbs


"He's very choosy with what he wears but he's also experimental. His main priority with his clothes is comfort. I think that's what I got from my dad. Style tip: Never underestimate your parents' wardrobe. It's the first place you should be looking for for one-of-a-kind treasured pieces!"

 6  Michelle Vito

 "My daddy always told me to wear comfortable clothes that I can move freely in and wear clothes that are appropriate to the place where I'm going."


 7  Verniece Enciso

"My dad is a type of person who's very protective of us. He always reminds us that how you present yourself is how people will respect you. He doesn't restrict us with how we dress up but he tells us not to be too showy. So I never forget to balance out what I wear!"

How does your dad influence your style? Share your thoughts and comments with us below or tweet us at @candymagdotcom.

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