6 Things You Should Never Wear To School

by Karen Francisco   |  Apr 4, 2017
Image: Gigi Hadid | instagram.com/gigihadid
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Fashion is such a great avenue for girls to express themselves and wear whatever their heart desires. However, aside from your school's dress code policy, there are just some things that shouldn't be worn to school. From fashion blunders to just plain no-nos, here's a list of the seven things you should never wear to school.

See-through clothes

See-through clothes can be really tough to pull off, it's best to just play it safe and save it for some other time to save yourself the hassle of your bra being seen when you wear see-through tops. You can still save yourself by wearing a cami underneath, but overall, it's best to just avoid this top for school altogether.

Extremely short shorts

Living in a tropical country can only force you to wear light or loose clothing, which is why sometimes it's tempting to opt to wear a pair of super short shorts to school if it permits you. The problem is wearing super short shorts may not be pleasing to look at—especially when going to school. A rule of thumb would be to wear shorts that's a little less than half of your thigh.

High heels

Let's be real, it would be impossible to go from one class to another that's most probably in a different building across campus let alone in heels. If you could stand wearing high heels all day in school, then hats off to you! That's something a majority of us could never do.

Sheer leggings


Leggings are tricky and some would even say you shouldn't wear leggings as jeans, but we can't stop you from doing so. However, there are time that we don't even notice how sheer our leggings are to the point that our underwear can be seen already. Yikes! Try to get really opaque black leggings to save yourself from a fashion disaster!

Clubbing dresses

It's important to always look our best in school, but definitely not your club best. Save your bodycon dresses for the club or bar. You can always opt for a sundress or a loose top paired with a pencil skirt. This will do just the trick if you still want to look made up.

Super crop tops

No one wants to see a little belly button action in school. When wearing crop tops, always remember to wear something underneath, like a camisole to prevent your skin from showing. This is essential no matter how high waisted your bottoms are.

What is the one thing you would never ever wear to school?

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