7 Things You Need to Do First When You Go Online Shopping

Arm yourself with the basics first!
by Karen Francisco   |  May 12, 2017
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Online shopping has been huge recently and whether you're a shopaholic or not, we're sure that you've experienced buying something online at least once in your life. After all, shopping without having to break a sweat—literally—is just pure genius! While shopping online is way more convenient than its conventional counterpart, it's important to take note that there are still trolls online that can scam you if you're not careful. So the next time you go online shopping, make sure to arm yourself with these basics first.

Check their FAQs.

Before shopping online, check to see if the company or the brand has a FAQ page and try to read through it. It's a good way to ease your shopping process in case of mishaps.

Check their return policy.

Always, always check the company's policy on returns! The hardest part about shopping online is not being able to see the product you're getting, which is why it's important to know if there's a fallback if the item does not live up to your expectations or if it has defects.


Check the reviews.

If you're shopping online and you're unsure if the site is to be trusted, Google it! The beauty of the internet is that there are thousands of pages and information that you can gather and it's all just a click away! Just type in the site's name and check the reviews of other buyers before clicking that checkout button!

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Check their comments section.

If you're shopping on Instagram, it could be a lot harder since reviews would be at a minimum. But worry not, Candy Girls, all you have to do is check their Instagram thoroughly and read through the comments section! If there are negative comments or no comments at all, the page could be a little shady! Make sure to keep your options open before deciding on that brand.

Check the method of payment.

The usual method of payment would be through credit card or bank deposit. Sometimes, some stores would offer LBC or Palawan. However, it's still best to double check stores that offer this method of payment. Bank payments are usually trusted since you would be able to report the person if anything goes wrong.

Don't always believe in 'too good to be true' deals.


Lastly, use your sound judgement when it comes to purchasing more expensive items. If you're buying something branded or high end, do your research beforehand on the price point and possible replicas. Sometimes, we get caught up in 'too good to be true' deals that we might forget that it could be fake.

When you're shopping for an international brand online, make sure to have a trusted third party courier.

Thanks to the internet, shopping for international brands has never been this easy. Rather than having the products go through the hassle of passing through Customs, opt for a trusted online shipping service instead! Shipping Cart is an online shipping service that lets you have your own US address to ship your goods to. Plus, they ship your new purchases straight to your doorstep without any delays. How cool is that?!

What other online shopping commandments do you live by? Let's swap tips below!

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