6 Fashion Tips You Should Know in Your Teens

Keep these style commandments in mind, Candy Girls!
by Janelle Yau   |  Nov 15, 2016
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Just like how every girl has a skin care routine that she absolutely swears by, every girl—fashion gal, or not—also has her own set of style commandments she religiously lives by. If you're stuck in a style rut, or thinking of reinventing your style character, you're in luck because we're listing down six fashion tips to add to the style rules you probably already learned from your mommas! So read on and be on your fashionable way, Candy Girls!

Think out of the box!


Don't just limit yourself to how a piece is traditionally worn and think out of the box! Transform your classic button-down into a trendy off-shoulder top, or use your clip-on earrings as a cool shoe accessory. The possibilities are endless!

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Dress for yourself and never for anyone else.

You may feel the need to dress up to impress a cute boy in school, but at the end of the day, you should always always dress for yourself. Wear what you want, and what suits your personal style the most because when you feel comfortable in what you wear, you'll feel more confident to strut your stylish flats in style.

Dare to break basic fashion rules.


While it's important to stick to your school's rule book, playing by the rules when it comes to fashion is a huge bore. Pack on the prints, double up on the accessory, be bold, Candy Girls! When in doubt, always remember that the always on-point dress-and-sneakers combo started out as a rebellious act against the "You can only wear heels with dresses and skirts" rule.

Don't wash your denim jeans after every wear.


Unlike your dresses, tops, and dressy shorts, you can get away with not washing your denim jeans after every wear. In fact, you can get away with not washing your OBJs at least three to five times, too! This way you'll be able to preserve its color and its stretch for a longer time.

Say yes to blotting, and no to rubbing.

If you get a dreaded stain while eating out, instead of rubbing the stain with water, blot it instead to get rid of the blotch.

Just have fun!


Sure, fashion has rules and trends to follow, but fashion is also mainly all about self-expression. Always remember that the most stylish girls out there are simply having fun expressing themselves through fashion and you should, too!

What other fashion tips do you know? Let's talk fashion!

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