6 Easy Styling Tucks and Folds for the Lazy Girl

by Katherine Tsang, Janelle Yau   |  Jan 23, 2017
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As much as we love to play dress up, we got to admit that we do have our days when we'd rather just spend time under the sheets than standing in front of our closets wondering what to wear. While we do have our lazy days and we know you girls have your own, too, that doesn't mean that you should scrimp on style already. And what better way to jazz up your OOTD minus the effort than a quick tuck and fold?

For days when you want to look on-point without spending too much time in front of the mirror, bring out the stylist in you and try out these six easy styling tucks and folds every lazy girl will surely love!

The Pin Roll

This '80s inspired fold is a great way to inject an instant dose of cool to your classic OBJs! To score this cool fold, pinch the outer portion of the pant leg and fold it on the side to create a tighter fit. While still holding the fold in place, carefully roll up your pants two to three times depending on the length you want to achieve. This will keep the tight folds in place and a great way to show off your new pair of shoes, too!


The Front Tuck

Instead of tucking your shirt all the way around, aim for an effortless look by casually tucking only the front side of your top. Whether you tuck it tightly or loosely, depending on the look you're gunning for, you can be sure that you'll look amazing either way.

The Asymmetrical Tuck

Make a stylish splash without trying too hard with the asymmetrical tuck. This styling tuck adds a hint of playfulness to an otherwise minimalist look. To score this look, don't button your top all the way up. Leave some buttons undone at the end and tuck one side in while leaving another side out. Easy-peasy!

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The Knot

Great for cinching an oversized top or a too stretchy shirt, grab enough fabric on one side of your top, twist it, and knot it!

J Crew Cuff Fold

An updated version of the classic sleeve roll, instead of bunching your long-sleeve tops to create faux half-sleeves, try the J Crew cuff fold! Grab the unbuttoned cuffs of your shirt sleeve and fold it once until the cuff reaches your arm halfway. Then, roll the parts below the cuff up until it covers the seam and you've got yourself a cool, undone look for the day.


The Wrap Tuck

Give your classic button-down a modern update with the nifty wrap tuck! While your shirt is still unbuttoned, take one side of your button-down, wrap it across your body, and tuck it in the opposite side. Do the same for the other side, and you've scored yourself a flattering wrap top! You can wear a camisole inside if you're going for a looser fit or you can wear it alone! If you opt for the latter, make sure to secure the tucks well enough so that they don't budge!

Which of these tucks are you going to try first?

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