6 Best Fashion Trends to Look Out for This 2016

Your 2016 fashion future!
by Frances Beltran   |  Jan 27, 2016
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2016 will be a year full of surprises, and sometimes, the idea of the unknown can be kinda scary. But worry not Candy Girls, because with this easy guide, you'll be telling your fashion future in seconds!

  1. Victorian Secret

    This fashion season, don't let bygones be bygones. 2015 was the pinnacle of culminating vintage trends into the modern era, so this year, take your upcycling to a new level and don flowy pleats and bunched-up turtlenecks for the ultimate thrifty throwback. 

  2. Riding the Ribtide

    It's not everyday that you find an outfit piece that's comfo and super stylish; anything ribbed is one of those rare exceptions. Not only did this '60s-originating bit double as casual and flashy, it is also a great example of mixing comfort and couture. 

  3. Bomb(er) Squad

    The fashion craze clock might always be ticking, but lucky for you, this is the kind of trend you want to blow up and sprinkle all over the streets. Say goodbye to uncomfortable, tight fitting coverups, and hello to the cinched-at-the-cuffs-but-loose-all-around vintage bomber jacket. Now that it's made it's comeback, it has no plans of leaving.

  4. Growl power: Puma

    For a second, the earthy color scheme combined with neutral undertones might make you think that Puma's latest collaboration series with Fenty is for the shy girl. But once you get a look at those 2 and half inch creepers, you'll find out just how edgy these kicks are.

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  5. Bohemian Rhapsody

    You don't have to be queen Taylor to be fluent on this year's Boho flow. 

  6. Fringe with Benefits

    The beauty of fringe lies in it's unique ability to be seen as both a style for classy grandoise events, and playful adventures in the sand. Adorn yourself with this multifaceted design, and you'll be strutting those streets as the human embodiment of the term "versatile".

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