5 Ways To Rock A Turtleneck In A Tropical Country

Yes, you can rock this high neckline piece in a humid country like the Philippines!
by Janelle Yau   |  Oct 12, 2016
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A turtleneck may be intimidating for some girls because of its high neckline and high fashion aesthetic—especially in a country like the Philippines, where the weather is almost always unpredictable. But we say, a timeless turtleneck is too good and too chic to pass up. Plus, once you've moved past the intimidation stage, you're bound to fall in love with its versatility and classic style!

Still iffy about the turtleneck? Read on as we show you just how versatile and chic this closet must-have is and we promise that by the time you finish reading this article, you'll be running straight to the nearest mall to get your own turtleneck.

Shove away the common misconception that you cannot wear a chunky knit in Manila because you totally can! Pair a rugged, chunky turtleneck knit with a soft and feminine skirt for a surprisingly chic look for the day.


While you can wear a turtleneck on its own, you can also use it as a base piece for a cute, layered OOTD! Wear a black turtleneck under a trendy slip dress for a modern look you can wear to school, and to a hangout afterwards.

If you're going for a sleek and sophisticated LOTD, tuck a black turtleneck under a pair of black jeans for a monochromatic outfit that's both fashionable and flattering. Pick a turtleneck with modern details like sheer sleeves for a more up-to-the-minute outfit.

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Turtlenecks are often associated with sophistication, but it can be cool, casual perfect for college girls, too! Choose an oversized turtleneck sweater and throw on a denim pinafore on top for a fun and fresh OOTD.

For a trendier and youthful look, opt for a crop turtleneck top and wear it with a statement skirt. End the look with a pair of knee high boots for an OOTD that's fashionable, and perfect for the "-Ber" months, too!


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