5 Trends to Try Before 2015 Ends

by Frances Beltran   |  Dec 24, 2015
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Feeling nostalgic over the fast-approaching year ender? Don't worry, Candy Girls, we've got you covered. Relive some of 2015's best casual street style moments with these 5 classic trends to become the ultimate real-life throwback. 

1 Gray hair

Once upon a time, all it took was a single strand of gray hair to have a woman flailing and flocking to the nearest salon. But nowadays, girls of all ages can be seen lining up at parlors with intensify as their only instruction when speaking about their silver strands. Take local artist and crafting cutie Reese Lansangan and YouTube beauty guru Amanda Steele for example. They're rocking the silver scene, one gray hair at a time.

2 Athleisure


Although a shiny new pair of Nike shoes and an Adidas jacket will remain a classic even after the the year ends, there's no doubt that in the past months, fitness and sports brands alike have been rocking both the the treadmills and runways. Whether it's a bomber jacket or some high-fashion trainers, it's time to exercise your ability to turn workout gear into wardrobe essentials to give your viewers more than just your beach bod to look at in your obligatory #progress pics. Just look at Rihanna and Kylie Jenner, they're outfits are enough to motivate anyone to go to the gym if it means looking that good.

3 Neoprene swimwear

If you think you don't know what these are, you're wrong. You've definitely seen a pair of these babies at least twice from your friends' beach photos. In fact, neoprene swimwear has completely taken the swim apparel industry by storm. Both incredibly comfortable yet remarkably chic, it's no question why bikini trend has been making waves in the always photo-ready lives of local model Maan Marquez and international model Alexis Ren.

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4 Flash tattoos

Remember those days back in grade school when you'd buy a P15 pack of temporary tattoos, slap one on, run the body part under cold water, then show it off for the rest of the day until it eventually smudged or lost it's ink? Well, they made a comeback this year and they're 10 times more stylish than you remember. Take it from Patricia Prieto and Kathryn Bernardo, in just 30 seconds, they took the youthful accessory from child to chic with one quick, determined slap. (Insider tip: Grab a copy of Summit Books' Choose You Own Tat-venture available in bookstores nationwide for just P195! They've got flash tatts inside.)

5 Flannels


A fashion trend is kind of like a blue moon. It happens, everyone goes crazy over it, then it disappears, then comes back again years later, and the reactions return full-force. Flannels first made their debut back in the '80s when they were mostly just outfit toppers for band-themed muscle tees. Not much has changed now, except that we've also found ways to incorporate them outside of the concert grounds. Thanks to 5 Seconds of Summer, girls and boys all over the world have been rocking the soft piece either around their waists or layered underneath a leather jacket to complete the whole rebel-without-a-cause persona. Not sure when it's time to try this trend out? Here's that much awaited green light you've been craving for.

What trend will you try? Share your thoughts and comments with us below or tweet us at @candymagdotcom.

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