5 Ways to Make Your DIY Shirt Stand Out According to This Young Designer

Rock that DIY tee!
Nov 20, 2015
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5 Ways to Make Your DIY Shirt Stand Out According to This Young Designer

If basic tee equals boring for you, then go DIY for that pop of personality. Whether it's your own creation (think self-printed shirts or tees re-purposed into tank or crop tops) or a friend's design (lucky you!), what really matters is you inject your own style and personality. Fashion design student and "PinakahaNIPS na Fashion Designer" Anissa Gomez shares some sartorial pointers. No major assembly required!

 1  Pair it with neutrals.

Basic neutrals can take you a long way. Pairing your bright and bold DIY shirt with them would allow people to really concentrate on your tee's design. 

DIY tank top by Anissa Gomez; skirt from Forever 21, A-line denim dress from Warehouse, slingback wedges from Pedro, and sunglasses from Aldo

 2  Choose pieces with contrasting colors.

To make your DIY shirt really stand out, layer it on top of a contrasting button-up to give it that extra pop! 


DIY shirt and bracelet by Anissa Gomez, gingham button-up from Uniqlo, jeans from Mango, bag from Salvatore Mann, shoes from Aldo, and earrings from H&M

 3  Add some prep and edge.

In every preppy girl is a hidden rebel. Pair your DIY shirt with a skirt that adds personality to your creation, then spice it up with rockin' accessories like a layered necklace!

DIY muscle tank top and accessories by Anissa Gomez, skirt from Dorothy Perkins, jacket from Sfera, and slingback wedges from Forever 21

 4  Use a dark canvas.

DIY shirts aren't just for the day. You can change up the silhouettes of your shirt to make it appear more formal and pair it up with dark pieces. All the black in this attire will really draw everyone's attention to the design of your shirt.

DIY crop top, gathered maxi skirt, and accessories by Anissa Gomez; heels from Pedro; and sunglasses from Sunnies Studios

 5  Get creative.

On those rare days when you feel like dressing up for school, pair your DIY shirt with another DIY item, such as a pair of patched-up pants or a cut-up velvet vest, to achieve a one-of-a-kind look.

DIY lace-sleeved shirt and necklace by Anissa Gomez, vest and leggings from Sfera, ankle-strap heels from Pedro, and sunglasses from Aldo

Oh, and Anissa's final tip? Jazz up your DIY project with lots of creativity and inspiration! For instance, Anissa created a DIY shirt for Jack 'n Jill Nips in collaboration with SoFA Design Institute. She drew inspiration from one of her summer escapades, making her DIY tee truly her own.

Get more creative inspo from Nips by clicking here!

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