5 Things Stylish Girls Always Do

Old school tips that simply works.
by Janelle Yau   |  Jul 10, 2017
Image: Majoy Siason, Pexels
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Here's the thing, anyone can be fashionable. Just buy the current trend, wear it like your fave celeb does, and you're all set. But being stylish is a whole different ballgame. Being stylish is not as easy as buying a pair of tassel earrings or rocking streetwear clothing because it's what's cool today. Being stylish is all in the mindset. Scroll through our little cheat sheet on what stylish girls do every day, incorporate it in your dressing up routine, and be on your way to looking stylish, stat!

Plan ahead!

You've probably heard the tip of planning what you're going to wear the night before so your morning routine will go on flawlessly a gazillion times already, but let's be real, do you really do this? Well, stylish girls do! Now, you don't have to put an outfit together like a stylist does before a big shoot, but it would be a big help to at least have an idea on what pieces you're going to wear the next day.


Prepare for backup.

Similar to how a joke may sound extremely funny in your head only to realize how corny it actually is once you've said it to your friends, sometimes the outfit that you've prepared might look better in your head than IRL. So make sure to have a second outfit idea in mind! That way, you won't have to stress about what to wear in case your first OOTD doesn't work out.

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Don't be afraid to repeat.

Fashion girls are afraid to repeat the same outfits and be labelled as an outfit repeater, but stylish girls? They don't give a dime on what other people think—especially when they have found a style equation that works for them.

Dress to impress no one, but yourself.

Some girls have the misconception that they have to dress up in order to impress their crush or to wow the other girls, but stylish girls always, always dress for themselves. After all, style is an extension of yourself and a great avenue to show off your personality.


Be fearless!

Easier said than done, but when it comes to fashion don't ever be afraid to take risks and be different. Everyone's wearing an off-shoulder cut? Opt for an edgier asymmetrical top! All the girls are stocking up on tassel earrings? Take the classic route and opt for timeless pearls instead.

How about you? What do you do to stay stylish?

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