5 Music Videos That Have Influenced Your Style

Find out which videos of your favorite singers have left a mark on your everyday looks!
by Erin Torrejon   |  Jul 20, 2014
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Whether knowingly or not, the music videos of our favorite artists have actually influenced fashion trends and even our personal style. From the outrageous music videos filled with tons of different looks to the ones with super cute looks you definitely tried recreating at one point, our favorite artists have made their videos a way of expressing their own style, which has directly affected the way we look at fashion and our everyday looks. To pay tribute to the music videos that have influenced our past, present, and future #ootd's, we rounded up five of the ones that have made a mark on all our wardrobe choices. Just scroll down and see for yourself!

Taylor Swift's "Begin Again" is definitely a reflection of the singer's feminine style, which in turn has definitely made us purchase an A-line skirt or too, because they can make any outfit look extra chic and cute! The vintage looks in this video has definitely made us love sporting classic silhouette's and fashion staples more.


We can't talk style influnece without including Britney Spears' first ever video for "Baby One More Time." The school-girl themed music video has paved the way for the button-down, sweater, and plaid skirt combo to become more acceptable outside of the classroom. Plus, the singer definitely made knee-high socks and pigtails fashionable as well for quite some time.

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Ever wonder what made denim cut-offs so popular? Well, it's all thanks to Miley Cyrus' music video for "Party In The USA," because ever since then distressed jean shorts have pretty much become a staple in our closets. 

The crop top may have definitely been born in Rihanna's "Umbrella" music video. Even if it wasn't exactly popular until many years later, the singer definitely made it okay to wear a crop top with low-waist pants. Not only that, Rihanna also made all-black outfits look totally sassy and cool.

Katy Perry's music videos are definitely the reason behind any of us feeling comfortable with expressing ourselves regardless of our style. The singer was never afraid of sporting quirky statement looks and her video "Roar" is proof that wearing whatever you like and feel comfortable in is what will make you look great, because you're confident!

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