4 OOTD Photos Tips to Up Your Instagram Game

by Ryanne Co   |  Jun 6, 2017
Image: Unsplash | www.unsplash.com
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There are only three things that can be normally found in an on-point Instagram feed: food photos, particularly brunch and desserts shots, beautiful vacay scenery, and of course, OOTD photos. During Huawei's "Behind Portrait Photography" workshop, Dookie Ducay (who has shot some of your favorite celebrities like James Reid and Nadine Lustre) shares with us how to get great shots with the latest smartphone by Huawei, the P10 and the P10 Plus. But whether you have the latest Huawei phone or not, here are some photography tips you need to know so you can take flawless OOTD shots and step up your 'gram game.

Know the basics.

ISO is the the sensitivity of your camera to light. The lower the ISO is, the lower the sensitivity to light. ISO is also directly proportional to the amount of grain your pictures might have so do your best to balance these elements so your pics can still come out looking clear and bright!


Shutter speed allows the camera to capture movement and is counted per fraction of a second. If you want to take the perfect jump shot, consider using fast shutter speeds. For beach and pool pics where you want to have fun and play with the water, choose slow shutter speeds to capture motion.

Lastly, aperture controls the depth of field of a picture. Choose a larger aperture if you want to really focus on your subject and recreate the blurred background effect everyone’s going crazy for!

It's a matter of balance.

Now that you know the basics about photography, the next step is knowing how to balance those three elements to create the right shot. Remember, there is no such a thing as the "right" formula for any picture, it all depends on where you are and what you're shooting, so feel free play around with the settings and express your creativity. In other words, go ahead and bring out your inner Miss Jay. Direct your photoshoots with your friends by angling, trying different poses and facial expressions, and interacting with the surroundings you're in!

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Always tell a story.

What were you doing today? How did you feel when you took the photo? Who were you with? These are all part of the story you're capturing with your camera. The best pictures usually show strong emotions or an exciting event taking place a.k.a. that cute candid from your latest vacation. Those honest snapshots are what will get people invested in you and your profile.

Maximize your equipment


It doesn't matter how skilled you are with photography because if you don't know how to use the gadget that you have, it'll all turn out to be a waste. Know the features of your smartphone or camera and play around with it. Most phones and cameras have really cute filters you can use to your advantage. Take black and white pics for dramatic effect, play around with the focus to achieve bokeh. Experiment with your equipment—you won't regret it.

How about you? What do you do to make sure that your IG photos are on-point?

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