15 Summer Outfit Ideas for the College Girl on Vacay

by Melanie Santiago   |  Apr 1, 2017
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  1. Striped

Stripes are a classic Parisian take on the summer OOTD but the red and blue hue on this look says sun, sand and yacht!

  1. Denim Overalls & Sheer Frills

Denim is a hot fabric to wear, try this skirt style for a cooler alternative combined with a sheer top. Be cute sans the sweat.

  1. Printastic!

A long skirt in a loud print is the easiest way to jump on the summer bandwagon, make it pop with a plain top. Don a loose fit for a breezy look.

  1. Off-shoulder Wonder

Show off the right amount of skin with the off-shoulder trend; choose a dress to make it easier to pull off without having to pair bottoms. Say yes to bright shades!

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  1. Trousers

These pants maybe the last thing you'd want to wear in the heat but when paired with a loose sleeveless top, you'll feel cool and look it too.

  1. Knot Basic

This is one of the easiest outfits to recreate because denim shorts and blouses are a staple in any girl's closet and simply knotting the ends makes it appear cropped and cute!    

  1. Cut-outs

This top is for girls who are not too comfy with bare shoulders, or just hate when they sort of scrunch up when you raise your arms, it still shows off your shoulders and has interesting keyhole cut in front as well. Look for tops with interesting cuts like this.

  1. Long Sleeved is Not Lost

You can make a long sleeved blouse summer-ready with embroidered details; complete the look with either shorts or a skirt like this.

  1. Button-down Skirts

This is the new shorts that has become a summer staple! It's just as versatile and can pair many looks!

  1. Formal Florals


You can still bring on the summer to a formal event with a full midi skirt in floral prints. Swap the top for something pastel colored to tie it all in.

  1. A blazer

Set heat to the fashion scene with this blazer shorts combo in matching print. Imagine it in floral too, it’s still wearable and chic for the season.

  1. Crop Cut

This is a beach runway look that combines the off-shoulder trend with Parisian stripes, it's classic and fun at the same time!

  1. Layered

The layered dainty dress (which ranges from simple to velvet) K-style is also top on the street scene, if you haven't tried this be sure to give it a chance this summer with a loose white top and a slip dress in a fun print or vibrant color.

  1. Embroidered Skirts


Embroidered denim skirts are hot right now and pair best with a plain tops, this look in one word is effortless.

  1. Yellow

Nothing beats yellow in the summer category; even a simple shirt in this shade is all you need to pull off an outfit. It's a plus if you can find sunnies in the same tone.

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