15 Stylish Ways to Transform Your Denim

by Melanie Santiago   |  Mar 25, 2017
Image: leblogdartlex.com via Pinterest
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  1. Hand Painted Daisy Shorts

Revamp an old pair of shorts by painting on fresh daisies, this works well with blue denim but any dark colored ones would do just as nice! Try a stencil to get even petals every time.

  1. Jungle Genes: Denim Painting

Or you can go tropical and freehand palm tree leaves on white denim. Make the sizes and shades different to get a unique print.

  1. Repurpose Jewelry

Cut a statement necklace you’re willing to part with or something cheap from the store and glue it on the curved hem of your pocket, outlining it in a bejeweled fashion. It’s a simple update that looks chic and easy to pull off.

  1. Embroidered Words

Stitch on cute phrases, simple illustrations to add character to your denim, sew along the pockets, near the cuff of the jeans or on the waist band, choose a place that’s easily visible.

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  1. Sashiko Stitching

Another way to update your shorts or pants is to run a simple stitch, a sashiko stitch can follow the outline of your denim and the curve of your pockets, but the simplicity of this design offers an elegant, minimalist take.

  1. Cherry Blossoms in Bloom

This DIY was inspired from Blake Lively's own pair, but without the designer price tag. You can recreate your own just to follow Japan’s cherry blossom season, let your personality take place and paint how you want your jeans.

  1. Cutout Denim Jacket

Combine beautiful patterned cloth with your denim jacket, remove the back panel and replace with the cloth of your choice, you’ll end up with something totally new.

  1. Sleeveless

The hot weather is the right time to bust out those sleeveless tops, try this DIY that involves cutting old denim top’s sleeves and turning them into a cute vest, then it’s up to you how you want to personalize with patches, trims, or more.

  1. Embellished

Glue or sew on pearls and gems from necklaces or earrings onto the cuff of your jeans, play up the location and add some to the sleeves of your jacket, you could even apply it to the side of your pants and to the collar of your jacket.

  1. Fringed Benefits


Frayed or fringed pants are totally in! The whole process of making your pair look deconstructed is a trend and something you can DIY; make it unique by making the ends uneven, or doing a zig zag edge.

  1. Pompom Trim

Mix things up by sewing or gluing on a trim to the edge of your pants, think pompoms, lace, sequins, take a trip to the fabric store and let your creativity decide.

  1. 2 in 1

Get two cute skirts in one long denim one by following this tutorial, you can get a feminine scalloped hem or something more linear and simple.

  1. Bleached Out

Splatter bleach on your chambray top, or jeans and get a washed out effect, this technique would go well with a pair that’s already stained, so you can work it into a design instead.

  1. Laced


Add a girly touch of lace to your denim shorts to soften the look. You can add it in the corners, use as pocket detail or cover one side, mix it up to get different looks.

  1. Patched Up

Patches are like little bits of your personality you can wear and there are so many cute statement and trendy ones in the market right now that you won’t have trouble finding something to suit your style.

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