15 Shopping Problems Every Girl With Big Boobs Goes Through

by Karen Francisco   |  Apr 20, 2017
Image: Ariel Winter | instagram.com/arielwinter
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Having big boobs may seem like a blessing, but it can sometimes feel like a curse, too—especially when you want to shop till you drop. If you're a girl with big boobs, then you've probably gone to the dressing room with ten tops and dresses to try on and after what seems like forever inside the fitting room, you come out with only two out of the ten items that you got. Go through our list below for more problems big busted girls usually go through while shopping their hearts out.

Shopping for bikinis is impossible.

Your bottoms say medium, but your top screams otherwise. "Do you have an XL for this, miss?" What an impossible chore!

Shopping for sports bras becomes a crazy challenge.

If shopping for a bikini is a huge challenge, the same goes for sports bras. Regular sports bras just don't fit you and your boobs just end up spilling out. Eek!


In fact, any form of bra shopping is hard!

You can never ever wear bralettes or cute bandeaus because let's face it, they will never give you the fit and support that you need. The only bras that come in your size are heavily padded with thick straps and they usually come in only one color—beige.

V-necks are the worst!

You just wanna go on with your day without making anyone feel uncomfortable with your top and your supposedly always flattering v-neck is not letting you do that. What a drag.

Crop tops are a no go.

Crop tops are basically nonexistent in your wardrobe because they get insanely short right after you put them on and sometimes, even regular sized shirts become crop tops just because of your bust.

Finding jackets/cardigans that actually close is a miracle.

It's nearly impossible to find a jacket or a cardigan that would actually zip up or close. There is just no way that your boobs would allow it. If ever you do find one, it's probably in the largest size that they have.

There's just no winning with button-downs.

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You want to give up on your battle with button-down shirts, but you can't because it's a wardrobe staple you just can't skip. But let's be real, the minute you button up your shirt, your chest area will immediately open and your boobs will be exposed. There's just no winning with button-downs.

You just have to try all three sizes!

You just never know if you should get the size 8, 10, or 12. To be safe, you just get all three to see which one fits best!

No more long necklaces.

You'll probably never be caught dead wearing long necklaces in your lifetime since it will just get lost in between your chest.

You also have to learn to bid cross body bags goodbye.


Same goes for cross body bags! You can never wear cross body bags if you don't want people staring at your bust!

Bye bye backless

You wouldn't even dare try on a backless top or dress ever because there's just no way that a strapless bra or a nipple tape can support your bust!

Built in bras is a no-no.



When you see a cute top or a cute dress with a built in bra, you immediately know that you're not getting that item no matter how much you like the cut or the print.

Free size simply does not apply to you.

There is absolutely no such thing as a "one size fits all!" This is a lie for girls with big boobs because there's absolutely no way that someone with a cup A or B would fit in the same dress as you!

Anything loose just makes you look bigger than usual.

This one is tricky since it's very useful to just wear a loose t shirt to give yourself room to breathe, but it can also make you look bigger. 

Your boobs sweat just by trying on clothes.

All that trying on of clothes does not only make you sweat, but your boobs as well! But you still pull your way through it because how else are you gonna look good right?


What other problems do you face?

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