15 Outfits To Wear To a Music Festival

by Frances Beltran   |  Mar 3, 2016
ART Trixie Ison
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With summer fast approaching and school books (finally) closing, festivals and gigs of all sorts are eagerly making their way and fighting for their rightful spots in our ever-so crowded calendars (and wallets). Wanderland Festival is happening this weekend. With "outer space" as this year's theme, it may seem impossible to think of the perfect outfit, especially when you consider social events like this usually double as a style spotter's paraidise. But worry not, Candy Girl, because with these 15 outfits, you'll be strutting down the Globe Circuit Events Grounds looking out of this world.

  1. Galaxy skirt + denim vest
    The universe is a chaos of colors, so neutralize a patterned bralette and a galaxy-inspired  skirt with a solid-colored denim vest to ensure an easy-on-the-eyes experience for all your inevitable gawkers. 
  1. Dual palette outfit
    The gas and dust between our stars are only 10 to 20 degrees above absolute zero, so internalize that little fun fact by taking along with you a trusty leather jacket to match the color of your skin-centric mini (and help your galaxy-print skirt pop) to keep you warm as the bass drops together with the sun 
  1. Skirt + muscle tee
    Mix party and proper with a skin tight galaxy-themed pencil skirt and a muscle tee with its hem tied at the midriff. Plus points if you can get a distresse or fringed top to complete the whole good-girl-gone-bad ensemble. 
  1. Overized tee + stocking
    Opting for something a little more relaxed? Snag an old pair of black stockings and splatter some white paint on them. Then slip on your favorite one-size-too-big galaxy top and you'll have yourself a comfy and chic crossover in no time.
  1. High waisted + texture + lilac
    There's just something about a fitted pair of high-waisted jeans that just makes your legs look like they go on forever. Choose a textured (velvet is A+) and shapely lilac pair to channel the galaxy with all its infinite glory.

Wanderland Outfits 

  1. All white everything + creepers
    You are no longer just a mere happy-go-lucky festival-goer looking for a good time. You are a cosmic goddess visiting a neighboring planet Wanderland. So grab those sky-high creepers and don an all-white ensemble (and yes, that includes your hair) for the ultimate galactic feel.
  1. Metallic
    Metallic 2-piece? Yes, please. This effortlessly galactic set is best paired with equally alien-esque space buns.
  1. Universe-themed dress + hat
    Keep it simple: Pick your best theme-appropriate dress and give it the festival vibe it needs by topping it off with a beater hat twinning with the color scheme.
  2. Shiny + minimalistic
    You don't need to look like a walking board of paint swatches just to achieve the "outer space" look. As much as the galaxy is colorful and vibrant, it's also dark. Ironic, isn't it? The stars light up the sky but in the grand scheme of things, they're nothing in contrast to the inky abyss. It's a complex paradox—two opposing things—and your monotone outfit amidst the raving lights can be one to.

  1. Halter top + pencil skirt
    Another edgy take on placing the ever-so versatile pencil skirt in the party spectrum.

Wanderland Outfits 

  1. Shimmer
    When it comes to assembling the perfect party outfit, you can never go wrong with a little bit of shimmer. Art imitates reality, so srut your masterpiece of an outfit by donning glittering bottoms to match the glimmering stars. 
  1. Low-key sparkles
    On the other hand, you can also opt to dress down sparkles by pairing it with soft and solid-colored apparel that you can tie around your waist for a more laid-back look.
  1. Galaxy print leggings
    Although an obvious option, a form-fitting pair of galaxy-print tights plus a plain v-neck will aways be a safe choice, both fashionably and functionably. Match with either heeled boots or a trusty sneakers to set the desired mood of your oufit.
  1. Sequins + sneakers
    Who says you can't wear a sparkling cocktail dress to a festival? Because we definitely think this sneaks & seqs combo will keep people gravitating towards you all night long.
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  1. Muscle tank
    But at the end of the day, a muscle tank will forever be an immortal key piece in every festival. So dress in your favorite galaxy-print one, because tonight, you got to make like the fabric and let loose.

 Wanderland Outfits

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