15 OOTD Poses to Rock for Any Photo

A fashion blogger's cheat sheet for stylish poses you can easily copy.
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  1. Take a Walk

Not sure what pose to do? Walk towards or to the side of the camera to elongate your body and overall, get a thinner frame.

  1. Lean

Go ahead and lean on a wall, door or post, plus points if it has interesting graffiti or color to compliment your look.

  1. Look Back

Walk in front and look over your shoulder, this pose is great for highlighting a detail on the back of your outfit but it's also a casual, fun angle to mix into your feed.

  1. Frame Your Face

Hands can be awkward, so play around until you get a good angle because they can definitely help to frame your face. Use it to add a more feminine vibe to your picture.

  1. Accessories Matter

Take note of what you're wearing, grab hold of your skirt, and tilt your hat. Got shades on? Tip them down and peek through. Hold your handbag like a clutch and hang your blazer over the shoulder. 

  1. Take a Seat

Leave the busy streets and use some stairs or a chair to relax on. This pose is best captured to the side rather than the front that makes you look stouter.   

  1. Midstep

A cross between a jump and a step, go back and forth on one leg to get the right timing. Spread out arms naturally like you would a normal walk to appear more dynamic.

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  1. Turn Around

Another lively shot, try this with a flowy skirt.

  1. Cross-legged

Simply cross one leg over the other. Add this little trick whether you’re sitting, standing or leaning to get a more relaxed vibe.

  1. Cup of Jo

Your drink can be a good accessory to battle awkward hands. Hold the cup or sip some tea. It can set the ambiance and setting of your picture.

  1. Leg Extension

Extend one foot to its tip toes! Combine this with a lower angle and immediately look taller. 

  1. Lie Down

Think textures like soft plush pillows or a grassy terrain, a bed of roses maybe?

  1. Side-to-Side

An instant way to look slimmer, get a shot from your side.

  1. Car Ride

Before getting off your ride, snap some pics and extend out a leg or go lounge in the seat. The car's enclosed space makes you the center of attention. 

  1. Look Away

You'll see a lot of bloggers who don't take a shot straight on, your stare into the distance can add some drama to your look and somehow the outfit also gets better appreciated.









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Maybe I'm just a learner, not a weirdo. A learner that knows how to listen and pretend. A simple learner who's a great pretender. Pretending to be slightly dumb enough not to be judged and criticized by those who do not appreciate my existence. We surround ourselves with people who's levels are either beyond or below our intellectual behavior, because as for reality, people may use you either for their success or your downfall. Since then, people tend to judge someone who has an intellect with things they shouldn't be. Making them a criticizer, and most of all, calling them weird.

Honestly, I'm one of this "weirdo" who actually loves to learn things, and for the record, I'm bullied and stressed out for making myself not to learn more and go with the flow to dumbness I had. Have you ever feel being assigned to some task where you know every process to make it easier and faster to finish but turns out to hesitate to voice out because some of your mates put themselves in charge. There are times where I know what to do, what to say, or how to react, but kept myself silent and pretend not to know anything that may help us. Maybe it's a good thing to just go with their ideas and learn from their perspectives, but sometimes you can't control it and says something, and once again called to be a weirdo and let you finish the work by yourself.

It's annoying that you only know one process yet they gave you the whole work and let you finish it by yourself because they insist that "MAGALING KA DIBA?". It's not your fault being an intellectual person, knowing such things that may help you to pursue your dreams, and have the basic knowledge about something. You don't need to know everything, just the basics. And as for those people who do not appreciate your existence, let them be and continue what's the best for you. In some cases, you'll be annoyed by this but most of the time you'll be thankful for it. Not for now but maybe later. Just be yourself either a weirdo, a great pretender, or a simple learner, and always remember to lower your voice and behavior because no one loves that.

Just be a great pretender not to hear any runts and be a good learner that appreciates everything. It's out of nowhere thoughts of mine, but simply I leave you this my favorite life quotation; "Don't introduce yourself, Let your success introduce you"

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