14 Pegs For Your Next Profile Picture

Because yes, it is a big deal and no, it's not "just a profile picture."
by Alyssa Jose   |  May 19, 2015
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In dire need of a profile picture change? The struggle of finding a worthy photo from your camera roll of 100+ selfies is too real! Want to change things up a bit? We’re here to show you pegs you can use for your next profile picture. 

 1  Show everyone that you got it from your momma by using an adorable photo with her as your profile picture. Matching poses is optional but it could make your mother-daughter selfie 10 times cuter! Plus, May is her month.

 2  Nothing spells vacay more than a candy-colored sunset by the beach! A photo while soaking in all of nature's beauty could just be your next profile picture. A stolen shot of yours would be priceless as well, but you can always do a more staged "candid" photo, too.

 3  Master an effortless no-makeup look just like our April cover girl Demi Lovato! You’ll look fab and fresh, and you can always say that you #wokeuplikethis. Going barefaced from time to time does wonders for your skin, too!


 4  Movement in pictures will ALWAYS look interesting. Channel your inner Kendall Jenner and have loads of fun in front of the camera. Play with your hair, laugh your heart out, and even dance! You'll never go back to the old, "just standing here looking pretty" #ootd pictures ever. 

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 5  Let out your free-spirited and fun self by doing a jump shot. It will give you more length and will even draw attention to your fab outfit. It is also the quintessential summer getaway pose!


 6  Why not use a selfie with your guy? It's definitely everyone's #relationshipgoal! Make sure it's fun, wacky, and something that shows off both of your personalities. You can take notes from power couple Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine because they take the most adorable selfies!

 7  A white background will forever be the perfect canvas of a smashing selfie! It never gets old and it never fails. Contrast is everything so make sure to wear dark clothes just like Nadine Lustre or go for a pop of color!


 8  Take your profile picture to new heights—literally! A good view is a perfect background for your next profile picture. It may seem like such a tourist thing but always know that everyone enjoys a good view, even your Facebook friends!

 9  Add instant cuteness to any picture by letting your furry friend tag along! It's okay if your dog or cat hogs almost half of the frame, it will still look adorable anyway. And don't you just love showing your babies to the world? 

 10  Use Taylor Swift's 1989 album as an inspiration and use Polaroids for your next profile picture. It creates a vintage and artsy feel that everyone loves. Go grab that instant film camera and get snapping!


 11  Play with the light and create your own natural filter! Victoria Justice's selfie would've just been like any other car selfie but the effect makes it so much better.


 12  Go black and white to add instant drama to any picture. Looks like Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson has mastered the formula for the perfect black and white photo because we're totally diggin' her snapshot. 


 13  A selfie with your BFF can always be your go-to profile picture. Photos with your soul sister will always be priceless so make sure you take lots of them on your next trip!


 14  Show your edgy side by taking the fierce lane on your next profile picture. Bella Thorne's spunky leather jacket and big hair totally works! Just make sure you don't go overboard, because less is always more. 

Remember, don't take it too seriously! The number of likes you'll get won't really matter as long as you have fun and just enjoy sharing in social media. Enjoy taking those photos, Candy Girls!

What look will you go for in your next photo? Share your thoughts and comments with us below or tweet us at @candymagdotcom.

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