12 Things That Go Through Your Mind When Dressing Up In the Summer

by Macy Alcaraz   |  Apr 28, 2016
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  1. Am I going to be in an airconditioned room today?

  2. If not, do I go for beach chic at the risk of looking super underdressed or just cover up and risk sweating through most of my layers?

  3. Am I walking anywhere outdoors? Do I pack a hat, sunnies, an umbrella, and a portable tent? Only half-kidding.

  4. But I look really, really cute in my pullover. Maybe my crush won't notice the sweat stains when it gets too hot. Riiight?

  5. If it's cold indoors but scorching outside, do I bring a jacket? But where will I put it? That huge tote doesn't go with my sundress. :\

  6. Why can't everyone just walk around in their bikinis?

  7. Are tank tops considered business casual in the summer?

  8. If they've already invented heat tech clothes, why can't they come up with cool tech?

  9. All of my breezy clothes are in the wash already!

  10. Wonder if they can they tell these are my gym shorts if I pair them with a really nice sleeveless top?

  11. I need less gray clothes in my life.

  12. I think I'll just stay home today.

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