12 Stages Every Girl Goes Through While Swimsuit Shopping Online

by Karen Francisco, Janelle Yau   |  Mar 23, 2017
Image: Taylor Swift | instagram.com/taylorswift
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With the weather getting warmer and summer vacation just right around the corner, it only means one thing—it's swimsuit season, Candy Girls! While the summer season is a nice break from school stress and is the best time to go on a beach barkada trip with your favorite girls, let's face it, swimsuit shopping is never fun. Because we totally understand how challenging it can be to shop for a new pair of swimsuit—especially online—we're listing down the stages every girl goes through while shopping for a new suit.

  1. Thank God I'm finally done with my 15-page, single-spaced, Lit paper. Now, time to look up every swimsuit store I know on Instagram!
  1. *After 1 hour and 30 mins of scrolling* This is it! This pom-pom bikini is perfect for my beach trip with my blockmates!
  1. Ugh! But this maillot is too cute for words, too!
  1. To get the bikini or the maillot? *checks phone* OMG! Wins is online! I should send her a screenshot.
  1. Boo! She's not replying. Will these even fit me right?
  1. Ack! The size chart isn't really helping me out! My bikini top should be a small, but I think my hips are too wide.
  1. Why is it so hard to find the perfect bikini!? *buries face in the pillow*
  1. I wonder if they accept returns…
  1. *Phone beeps* Finally! Wins replied. So she thinks I should get the maillot, but I'm not so sure…
  1. I think I'll just get the bikini and hope it fits.
  1. *After three days* My new suit's finally here! Oh God, oh God I need to fit this now.
  1. OMG! It fits perfectly. I need to take an Instagram story RN!

What's your experience like when shopping online for a new suit? Let's swap stories below!

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