11 Super Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunctions

No matter how hard you try to look great, sometimes your outfits just backfire on you!
  |  Mar 25, 2012
compiled by Rubie Ganzon and Micah Sulit * illustration by Nicole Lim
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  1. HOLE-Y COW!
    I was a drummer for our pep squad. During one of the games, I didn't know that my shirt had a hole around the armpit. Apparently, it grew even larger as I played the drums. After the game, I saw a friend so I raised my hand and gave her a big wave. I finally spotted the mishap... but only after realizing a busload of basketball players (including my crush!) saw the gaping hole. How humiliating! —Mayumi, 15
    A friend invited us to her debut. Since there was only one invite for our barkada, we relied on the person who received the card when she said the theme was rock and roll. When we got to the venue, we received the shock of our lives! Everyone was dressed to the nines while my friends and I were in sneakers, denim minis, and hoop earrings. Worse, I was seated next to the principal! —Shai, 19
    My boyfriend and I celebrated our anniversary at our favorite mall. I slipped on a pair of leather shoes that I hadn't worn in along time because they went so well with my outfit. While walking around the mall, I started to feel something loosen. That's when I looked down and discovered that bits and pieces of my shoes were falling off with every step I took! I should've let the shoes rest in peace —Bella, 18
    I was hosting my friend's debut. As I looked her way to signal the next person on her 18 Roses list, I saw a large white circle on her chest. Apparently, a breast pad had found its way out of her tube gown's low-cut sweetheart neckline! I waited for her to catch my eye and pointed to my chest. After pulling her partner close and discreetly pushing back the offending pad, she threw me a very grateful look. Whew! —Jill, 21
    We played human bingo at a guy bud's birthday party. It was a game that required us to get physical, and because I was wearing a backless dress, it was quite a challenge. Just when I was having so much fun, the zipper of my dress came undone and revealed my underwear! Talk about getting exposed! —Yaya, 18
    I volunteered to be part of the Rigodon de Honor during my senior prom. I bought a pink tube dress and was excited to wear it. During the dance, some moves required us to raise our arms over our hearts. I could feel my dress slipping down, and I saw the ushers motioning me to pull it up. I'm not sure how much the crowd saw, but when I went to the toilet, I discovered I also had to pull up my strapless bra. Yikes! —Neriza, 19
    My mom and I had gowns made for my aunt's wedding. Her designer made a unique dress for me that had an asymmetrical neckline. On the day of the wedding, I saw my cousin— a bridesmaid whose gown's design and color looked exactly like mine. Talk about carbon copy. The photographers kept calling me for the entourage shots! —Lizette, 20
  8. LET 'ER RIP
    We were dancing like crazy buffoons at a party. It felt like we owned the dance floor. My friend was so into it that he started doing these wild moves. At one point, he jerked me so hard that he accidentally ripped my sleeve off. I had to go home looking like I got into a brawl minus the blood. My ego was completely and utterly bruised. —Brandon, 18
    I was waiting for my sister's wedding to begin when a girl stopped right in front of me, clad in the exact same dress I was in! When the mass started, I looked beside me and saw another girl wearing the same dress! Three people wearing the same outfit at the same time? A fashion no-no! —Regina, 19
    I went do school in an old pair of jeans. The button was missing, and later on, I found a tear on the leg so I covered it with my notebook. I saw my crush and wanted to avoid her, but I dropped my notebook. As I reached for it... Rrrrip! My jeans split right in the middle. —Peter, 16
    For an evening event, I wore a low-cut top that looked best without a bra. My barkada decided to dance, and I got so carried away that I didn't feel it when the sleeve of my top slipped down. I totally flashed my friends! Good thing it was dark and we were all cramped together so no one else saw my little expose. —Kat, 19

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