10 Ways You Can Look Taller Than You Are Like Kathryn Bernardo and Emma Roberts

Look longer and leaner like your favorite stars!
by Erin Torrejon   |  Feb 15, 2016
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When it comes to petite girl dressing, no one does it quite as good as style icons Kathryn Bernardo and Emma Roberts. In fact, these two know how to serve up a super stylish outfit every single time, without ever having to worry about the fact that they're actually petite girls. Actually, they don't only rock at putting together looks that perfectly suit their body types, they also always manage to look a lot taller than they are with their outfits! Yep, you can even say these two are a master at dressing to look taller. So if you want to take a page out of their style books, make sure to scroll down and take notes.

  1. Wear a jumpsuit in one color.

    Sporting a jumpsuit in one solid color is a very chic way to look longer and leaner! It will help even more if it has wide-legged trousers.

  2. Go all-black with pointed pumps.

    Your black ensemble will make you look slimmer while the pointed pumps will elongate your entire figure even more. Plus, this outfit can be taken from day to night. 

  3. High-waist, wide-leg trousers are key. 

    If you're more into wearing separates, it's important to choose high-waist bottoms that will lengthen your gams. These beige-colored, bootleg trousers will make you look extra tall especially when paired with a body hugging top.

  4. Short dresses look best with pointy shoes.

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    Another way to look longer is by actually wearing shorter pieces. This will give off the illusion of longer legs, which you can elongate even more with pointy flats.

  5. Nude pointed pumps are major key. 

    The simplest trick to look taller? Finish off all your outfits with a pair of classic nude, pointed pumps.

  6. Avoid wearing dresses that go below the knees.

    Wearing dresses that fall below your knees will only make you look shorter! Also be careful with lace-up sandals–when wearing this trend, it's best to go with heels.

  7. When wearing separates, go monochromatic.

    By simply wearing one color throughout your outfit, you can achieve looking taller. 

  8. When wearing jeans, opt for narrow footwear.

    Sometimes wearing jeans can make you look shorter, but keeping in the same colorway when it comes to your bottoms and shoes, you can add inches to your height. Plus, choosing a more narrow shoe silhouette can really add to your longer appearance. 

  9. Add inches with short bottoms and nude heels.

    You can never ever go wrong when wearing short shorts or skirts, especially when paired with nude heels.

  10. Basically pointy footwear is a must.

    Even when wearing capri pants or separates that don't necessarily elongate your body, you can always, always add height with pointed footwear, especially in the form of heels.
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