10 Ways To Organize Your Closet According To Pinterest

Give your closet the right makeover with the help of all these cool tips and tricks!
by Erin Torrejon   |  Nov 1, 2014
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Our closets can be a safe haven away from all the stress of life, because it holds all our favorite clothes, shoes, accessories, and little trinkets. But after some time, keeping this sacred place neat and organized can be really challenging, especially when things get extra busy and hectic at school. Since we wouldn't want your closets to look like a storm just always happens to pass by, we rounded up all the helpful and neat closet organizing tricks and tips we found on Pinterest. Just scroll down and click on the links to see the different ways you can give your closet the best makeover.

  1. Expert Tips
    Learn how you can de-clutter your closet straight from professional organizers!

  2. 5 Steps Only
    Don't have time? This will give you all the important tricks in just 5 steps.

  3. Closet Inspo
    If you're a more visual type of person, this is for you–it's 40 different organized closets to inspire you to fix your own the right way. 

  4. Dream Closet
    Want more than just a clean closet? Learn how to make your closet space the best ever! 

  5. Edit Out
    Find out what you should keep in your closet for a stress-free space.

  6. Infographic Tips
    Learn every little organizing detail you need to know with this ultra cute and helpful infographic. 

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  7. Editing Quiz
    This helpful quiz/infographic is perfect to keep in your closet because you'll always know whether you should keep, toss, or donate any of your pieces! 

  8. MakeoverWant to completely change your closet situation? Find out exactly how to overhaul your favorite space the best possible way. 

  9. DIY
    Get your creative, crafty juices working with these fun DIY tips! 

  10. Small Closet Hacks
    Feel like you closet is smaller than the average? Not to worry because there are cool ways to maximize it, too. 

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