10 Vintage Pieces Making a Comeback This Year

Although designers may be quite the experts at convincing us to make even the most unorthodox and non-traditional styles go viral, there is no denying that a trend doesn't get any more trustworthy than when you know it worked in the past.
by Frances Beltran   |  May 28, 2016
Image: Selena Gomez | instagram.com/selenagomez, Hailee Steinfeld | instagram.com/haileesteinfeld, Elle Fanning | instagram.com/ellefanning
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With an influx of new, experimental designs creeping its way to our wardrobe and tempting us to follow the mainstream, sticking to vintage to discover other pieces we may have overlooked may seem scary and, frankly, a little belated. But no matter what they say, vintage fashion is alive and breathing, and they still have more than a few tricks left up their sleeve.

  1. Heads or Tails

Head pieces have always been a vital part of vintage fashion. Whether you were sporting a retro coronet in the 1920s together with your shimmering flapper dress, or swaying to the beat of the latest jukebox jam in a retro headband back in the '50s, if you wanted to portray unique and individual style, you couldn't leave accessorizing your mane out of the picture. Loved for their functionality and ability to add pizazz to one's outfit, headscarfs/wraps/bands will ensure that every passerby will be gawking at you from head to toe.


  1. The Wild, Wild Vest

You don't have to be a cowgirl to ride on this trend, because thanks to it's popularization in the early '80s, the southwestern vest is no longer a piece solely reserved for the rodeo. A few years back, people hesitated to pick up a pair of these babies in fear of looking like a lost costume party-goer, but with boho chic and Coachella style quickly becoming one of the most prominent trends in fashion right now, there's no surprise why this piece is easily finding its way to our "Wanted" list.

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  1. Tourist Trends

Gone are the days when the only thing you could get out of a frequented tourist attraction was an "I <3" t-shirt and a promotional bumper sticker that bragged of a life-changing experience that was probably a little too exaggerated to be considered fair advertising. Because now that their rebirth has turned them from "tacky" to "trendy," souvenir jackets have become more of a reason to embark on a daunting 8 hour trip, than to get to the destination itself.

  1. Silk

The 1920s was the era best known for its grandeur and flamboyance. Anything too vibrant or too dull was traded be in for subtle base tones but eye-catching detailing and embroidery. "Luxury" was the main trend and anyone who was anyone back then lived to follow it. So if you weren't taking advantage of the swing era's jazzy tunes and dance crazes, you were probably turning heads while sashaying down a grand staircase clad in only the finest silk numbers. We may no longer embody such a level of splendor everyday, but that isn't stopping modern designers and style moguls from dressing like we do.


  1. Secret Love A-flare

When crop tops and halters first began their steady flow back into the industry in early 2013, stylists and designers knew that sooner or later, their bottom counterparts would find their way into the modern day, too. And without a doubt, more than a decade after its initial fame, flare jeans are back and they don't plan on leaving anytime soon. With their bell-bottom legs effortlessly giving any outfit the groovy and dramatic spice it needs, as soon as everyone starts rocking this classic trend, our streets will be professional catwalks in no time.

  1. Stewards of Style

If you thought the ascot tie was an accessory only sophisticated flight attendants could sport, think again. Back then, this piece was the perfect compromise for ladies who wanted to keep their necks warm during windy seasons but didn't want to risk ruining their outfit with a bulky scarf. And now that summer has fallen upon us, it's just as suitable today as it was all those years ago. So what are you waiting for? Fasten your seatbelt and keep all hesitation beneath you because in a world where fashion requires the will to stand out, you may experience some turbulence but worry not fashionger, it'll all be worth it in the end.

  1. Addict for Acrylic

Now what's a year of vintage comebacks without the revival of some iconic eyewear? If it wasn't a '90s model donning a pair as part of her off-duty look, it was probably Twiggy, one of the most famous stars of her era, who popularized the acrylic sunglasses celebrities and public figures are starting to wear today. The clean and minimalistic style of these sunnies make them a versatile part of any kind of outfit. Because of them, even girls with 20/20 vision will be begging for a glasses prescription just so they have an excuse to have them on everywhere they go.

  1. Go-go Glamour

Sorry sneakerheads, but your time is up. The fad was fun while it lasted, but all good things must come to an end for better things to arrive. And by "better things," we mean the kind that's 3 inches and thigh-high. Go-go boots used to be a thing of the past, but even after the disco balls have been packed away, the shoes people used to wear as they danced to their multi-colored lights have strutted out of their storage and don't plan on stopping. Pair with an oversized sweater or a mini dress, and you've got yourself the perfect vintage vixen look.

  1. Distressed but Well-Dressed

Ever since grunge came back into the picture, ripped jeans and torn denim have been reigning the racks, and for good reason, too. But if you thought exposed knees and peeks of leg was as far as distressed pants could get, you'll be in a for shock. Distressed hems haven't quite found their way to stores yet, but I can assure you that with designers milking the constant revival of vintage, they will be soon. With the fact fringed bottoms add another layer of edge to either a perfectly constructed pair or an already stylishly ruined one, how can anyone say no to that?

  1. Pretty in Print

And just when you thought your jeans couldn't get anymore creative, patterned/printed pants have come back to town and they want to reserve a room in your closet. When people began to trade in fun designs for minimalist schemes, we thought our favorite playful pairs would never see the light of day again. But if there's anything I hope you can learn from this article, it's that you should never underestimate the power of a classic piece. So raid your attic and bust out your mom's old polka dot bottoms, because print is in and you gotta embrace it's revival and let it out. 

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