10 Things You Need to Know About DLSU Fashion

Here's a quick lowdown.
by Karen Francisco   |  May 9, 2017
Image: Raymond | instagram.com/emon72
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When you're walking in between classes, just one look around and you'll see the different styles and outfits that easily capture just how diverse the students in DLSU are. With thousands of students in the campus, there's also a ton of fashion personalities that can be seen. That's why we're here to give you the lowdown on all the things you need to know about DLSU fashion!

Our dress code policy basically eliminates shorts in our wardrobe.

All DLSU students know that to be able to wear shorts inside campus, it'd have to be at least three inches longer than the tip of your longest finger when your arms are resting on the side. So basically, it's better to just wear jeans that to be stopped by the guard before you could enter the campus.

Same goes for skirts!

Thinking of wearing that new short skirt that you bought? Nope. You wouldn't want to risk the chance of being sent to the DO right?


But somehow, others manage to get through.

You ask yourself, "How did they get in campus wearing that?" Maybe it's because the guards just stopped caring or maybe they pulled some sort of magic, but either way, you go, girl!

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No off-shoulder.

With the strict dress code policy in DLSU, basically anything that will show off your shoulders or any inch of skin is a huge no-no. How will we ever wear our cute off shoulders for the summer now?

Cardigans are life savers!

Want to rock that cute new cami you bought last Sunday? Then a cardigan is your one-way ticket to enter the campus while wearing your new tank. 

Bye-bye flip-flops.

Flips-flops are forbidden inside campus so no matter how lazy you are in picking a shoe that will match, flip-flops are definitely out of the question!

When you're a frosh, the world is your oyster.

Being a froshie in DLSU (or any university for that matter), you're ready to pull out all the stops and bring your A-game when it comes to dressing up. It's a totally different scene compared to high school where you had to wear your uniform every day.


Seniors have been there, done that.

If you're in your third, fourth, or even fifth year in DLSU, you've seen and done it all already! You're more relaxed now and you're done with planning your outfits the night before for the entire term!

There is no runway!

During your LPEP days, you're told that SJ walk is basically the runway of the campus. You'll realize later on that is not really true. Students won't really stop and stare at what you're wearing and you won't really feel like you're walking on a runway when you're running late for class!

You'll find some of the most fashionable people in campus.

If you just stop and take a good look at all the students passing by, you'll realize that Lasallians sure know how to dress up! You can even take fashion cues from some of the people passing by. You just need to look!


How about you? What's your school's fashion personality? 

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