10 Reasons Why You Should Stop Feeling Conscious About Your Style

by Karen Francisco   |  Apr 16, 2017
Image: Gabbi Garcia | instagram.com/_gabbigarcia
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With so many different brands and styles that are emerging, it's easy to get carried away and feel that your style does not live up to other's expectations. It could actually get to the point that you'd feel conscious that your fashion taste is not like what you see in magazines or on your Instagram feeds. But in reality, there's actually no reason for you to feel this way! Here's why:

You have your own style that makes you, YOU.

You want to know what makes you your own? Your fashion taste and what you like defines you. Fashion allows you to express yourself and it's important to know that not everyone would be comfortable in wearing the same style as what you prefer—there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Fashion is always evolving.

What you like today may not be what you like tomorrow and the same goes for everyone else. We're always so inclined to try out new things and new trends that come out every few months that we're bound to change our style every now and then.

Trends don't last.

Trends come and go, leaving us with empty wallets and a long statement bill for our credit cards. So the next time you feel bad about a trendy top not looking good on you, just remember that there's always time to catch up with the next season's trends anyway! 

No one is judging you.

You walk around and you feel nervous that people might be judging you, when the truth is, they're probably thinking the same thing. So instead of wondering what others might think about your OOTD, rock your look with confidence and you'll surely draw in instant GV from the crowd.


You look cute!

No, your mom wasn't lying when she said that you looked amazing because you really do look cute in your outfit! Don't be so hard on yourself. After all, we are our own worst critic. Loosen up a little and embrace your style since only you who rock those 5 inch heels like a boss. 

You wear it for yourself—not others.

You don't wear what you wear for others, right? You didn't look in the mirror this morning and think, "that girl in the MRT will definitely love this outfit!" and that's because you shouldn't base your outfits in other people's interests. Wear it because you love it!

There's no point in over thinking!

The more you exude confidence, the more this will carry on to other aspects of your life. You will notice that you tend to worry less about other things as well. You shouldn't have to carry the burden of worrying about the little things so much all the time and that includes fashion.

Trust us, you will be happier.

There's nothing that can compare to wearing your most comfortable outfit and feeling great because of it! Being comfortable in wearing the clothes that you truly like will just bring about happiness like no other.

You'll stay true to yourself and discover what you really like.

Girls tend to uncover they really are deep down by staying true to herself. There's no use to pretend to be someone who you're not and wear outfits you don't even really want to wear. It’s best to just be yourself.

You can't please everyone anyway!

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At the end of the day, you really won't please everyone anyway and there's nothing wrong about it. So instead of wasting your time worrying about what others think, just wear what you want confidently and everything will just follow suit.

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