10 Reasons Why Nadine Lustre Should Be Your New Style Icon

by Erin Torrejon   |  Oct 3, 2014
PHOTOS Instagram (@nadzlustre)
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Nadine Lustre is clearly a star on the rise, but did you know that she's also a budding style and beauty icon? From her flawless makeup looks to her chic outfits, this girl knows how to look her best wherever, whenever! Since we've already talked about her signature no-makeup, makeup look last week, it's now time to talk about (and praise) her cool fashion quotient! But instead of simply telling you why this star should be your new fashion icon, we're showing you—with the help of her awesome photos—why you should be taking a page or two from Nadine's own style book.

1. This girl clearly knows how to pair together and edit her everyday accessories.


2. She also knows how to artfully stack her rings and bracelets for awesome arm swag. 


3. Nadine knows how to make a simple outfit pop with the right kind of statement shoes.

4. And she's not afraid to repeat items–a definite must for any style icon.

5. Plus she knows how to look her stylish best even when she's working out.

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6. Nadine is never afraid to have fun with her looks and it's not just always about trends for this star.

7. She can totally balance a look with different styles.

8. And this girl knows how important it is to finish every outfit with the proper beauty look.


9. Nadine can totally rock formal wear like it's nobody's business, too! Doesn't she look amazing?

10. Basically Nadine gets it right every single time. That's enough reason for her to be your new style icon. Are we right, or are we right?

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