10 Most Fashionable TV Shows

by Sheena Concepcion   |  Oct 25, 2014
PHOTO The CW, GIFs Giphy.com
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Style inspiration comes from everywhere and this time we're taking a look at all the stylish TV shows that have touched our lives and made an impact on our shopping choices!
  1. Gossip Girl 

    via dear-teenage-years.tumblr.com

    It's hard not to obtain a sophisticated fashion sense when you're in the Upper East Side. Just ask best friends Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen. They have set the bar for all aspiring fashionistas! But, could you blame them? B and S have the best taste in clothes (and boys!) We love you Queen Bees. xoxo, Candy Girls.

  2. Awkward

    via MTV

    Tamara may annoy you at times with her loud voice and what seems like a never ending rant about love and life, but you have to admit that this girl's got style! Her bright and colorful outfits totally match her bold and fearless personality. Way to go, T!

  3. Suits 

    3via USA Network

    If you ever get nervous about a class presentation, just remember this foolproof fix: power dress. Take a look at Rachel Zane's flawless work outfit! We assure you that with this get up, reporting in class would be more exciting.

  4. Pretty Little Liars

    4via ABC Family

    Running away from an intriguing secret doesn't stop these girls from dressing up in the most stylish outfits. Spencer, Aria, Emily, and Hannah may be avoiding their past secrets but at least they're doing it in style.

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  5. The Mindy Project

    6via wornontv.net

    Mindy Lahiri is not your typical Manhattan doctor. Mindy aka Beyonce Pad Thai–her self-proclaimed warrior name–has the most interesting (sometimes, confusing) insights about life and we couldn't help but fall in love with her quirkiness. Plus, she has the best picks when it comes to mixing and matching colorful prints! Just look at her eye catching outfit!

  6. New Girl


    Living with three guy roomies is not a problem for Jess's upbeat fashion vibe. In fact, her adorable retro style has been nothing but a ray of sunshine in their old Los Angeles loft!

  7. The Carrie Diaries

    via giphy.com

    The '80s must have been a good period for fashion. 30 years have passed but Carrie's style is just timeless. For the Candy Girls out there who love to experiment, the young Carrie Bradshaw might just be your new fashion inspiration.

  8. Happy Endings

    via giphy.com

    Get some inspiration from Alex Kerkovich of Happy Endings on how to style your favorite leather jacket!

  9. Hart of Dixie

    via The CW

    If you love wearing shorts and skirts, Dr. Zoe from Hart of Dixie should be your best friend! Zoe proves that fashion can be both fun and comfortable! Who says doctors can't look cute?

  10. Jane by Design

    via Tumblr

    And if you still haven't found your distinct personal style, don't worry because Jane By Design reminds girls that the teen years are supposed to spent partly figuring out and exploring your own style!

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