10 Cutest Rain-Proof Accessories

You will never look dull during the gloomy season with these must-have and super chic fashion pieces!
by Erin Torrejon   |  Jul 9, 2014
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Let's get real, dressing up during the bi-polar season can get really tough and uninspiring. This is mostly because whatever you end up wearing might just basically get drenched, thus having to stick with less exciting but practical #ootds. As much as this is true, we believe that there are still a ton of ways to come up with chic ensembles to fight the gloomy weather, and it all depends on how you choose to accessorize your looks. Not sure what pieces are both cute and rain-proof? We've got you covered because we rounded up 10 super kawaii accessories that won't have to suffer in the rain. Get your shopping list ready and click on the gallery below to check out the perfect rain-ready items you'll want to have—ASAP!

What accessories will you be wearing this rainy season? Share it with us @candymagdotcom or leave a comment below! We love hearing from all of you!


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