Here's what inspired me to believe in myself.
Hindi sa lahat ng oras matapang ako.
by Lorraine Ann M. Balbaloza

Writing helped me express the words that I couldn't speak.
by Nice Guarin
From the backseat of the car, love looks like a routine of stealing kisses at a stoplight...
by Sofia Onte
Wait for a love like this. A love that is good to you, for you.
by Krizzia Paolyn
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But I want you to know that I tried my best.
by Nice Guarin
I stayed for you. Why weren't you able to stay for me, too?
by Danie B.
For all those who are drowning in school requirements, this is all for you. We will get there. Surely.
by Hannah Ibarra
We are here to support and not dictate their lives. As they shouldn't be dictating ours. We shouldn't be acting like we own them. Or that...they own us.
by Cryieng fangirl
Not everyone needs to stay if you want to move forward.
by Gail Aranas
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