When Your High School Friends Become Strangers

A letter for my high school classmates whom I lost contact with.
by Elle Lee   |  Apr 7, 2016
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On the first day of our senior year, we all swore that we'd never change. The day we saw our entrance exams' results, we told each other we'd never forget. On our high school graduation, our words and tears assured us of our friendship—that it was something we were sure would last forever and stand the test of time. Summer bondings helped us reminisce our past years together. We made a pact never to lose contact. 

But I guess our words were just as good as letters written on a beach. The big wave, a.k.a. college, swept away all the promises we made in high school.

As months passed by, messages were fewer, meet-ups almost never happened. We could blame our schedules and even the distance between us. But let's face it, we are to blame for the drifting apart.

We found new friends, a new barkada. Suddenly, my Timeline was filled with photos of my new friends. I don't have photos where I could tag you on. Our group chat was active 156 days ago. Your new friends know of your achievements, struggles, and everything before I ever did. Sometimes, it would take me months to know that you aced an exam on that subject you didn't really like. I also found myself texting my new friends now whenever I something comes up, like seeing a guy I kinda like around campus.

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Where were the people who said they'd never forget? How come when something good happens, I don't think about telling you immediately? And I'm quite sure you feel the same way, too. Where were the promises we made?

Just so you know, in case it still matters, I really do miss you, guys.

I guess life just happened. It's happening still. But just so you know, in case it still matters, I really do miss you, guys. We all changed. Life has changed us and made us strangers to each other. It's heartbreaking how three months was all it took to shatter those seven years. We've drifted too far apart now. Will we still find our ways back?

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