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To the Girl Who Thinks Life Has Been So Boring Lately

It's time to get yourself out of that rut!
To the Girl Who Thinks Life Has Been So Boring Lately

There are times when you feel like you’re racing against the clock, with not a minute to spare for rest, relaxation, or to even take a quick power nap—but honestly, those days are the most exhilarating. Back-to-back schedules with school and friends, and squeezing in a date or two when you can? That can be exhausting, but you know that you wouldn’t trade that kind of excitement for anything.

Then there are times when there seems to be nothing exciting going on. You could go out, but it would be to the same malls, to see the same clothes you've been eyeing at the same stores you always visit. You could catch a movie, but the only good ones showing are the ones you’ve already seen. You could grab a bite, but you’ll probably just end up ordering the usual at your favorite restaurant. It's days like these that make you wonder if there's more to life than the things you usually do.

When you’re stuck in a rut, falling prey to routine, it’s difficult to get yourself out of it. Because that’s the thing about routine—it gets so comfortable that you could do it forever. But somewhere, at the back of your mind, you know that you eventually need to snap out of it and find something that can make you excited again.

All it takes is a baby step to get the ball rolling once more. Maybe you’re feeling like the summer season has brought about a huge empty chunk of time that you have no idea how to fill. But really, are you going to spend your vacation on a TV-watching binge, marathoning season after season of shows you’ve already seen a dozen times? Or will you brave the unknown and venture into unchartered territory to give yourself a summer to remember?

You don’t have to do anything drastic. It could be as simple as picking up a new candy on your next grocery run. Mentos Incredible Chew hits the spot—it's a soft, chewy candy that adds a fruity kind of fun into your whole chewing experience. With its long-lasting flavor, each bite is definitely a pleasant surprise. You can even offer a piece to a stranger and make a new friend in the process!

If you want to take your summer a step further, why don't you try out a new hobby you’ve always wanted to do? Spinning, archery, painting, pottery—the options are endless. You don’t even need to go far to get started on something that could easily rev up your calendar of activities (and your metabolism and social life, too!).

If you're in a relationship, try to think of new date ideas you can do with your guy. And if you're single, this is the best time to say yes to your friends' offer to set you up on a blind date. Throw your expectations out the window and just be in for a whole lot of fun. At the very least, you’ll come out of it with a bunch of cool experiences to share!

If you're itching for an adventure, it might be time to visit that dream destination you've been wanting to check out. Grab your clothes, don’t forget your camera, and get ready for an epic trip! Whether you travel by plane, boat, or land, or through literature, movies, or even cuisine, make sure you’re making memories to last a lifetime.

Embrace change, Candy Girls! Try something new and just let it surprise you, in the best way possible! Before you know it, life won't seem so bland anymore.

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This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Mentos.

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