Your Story Will Go On Even After a Failure

Failure isn't the ending.
by Vidakatrina12   |  Aug 5, 2017
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There is a feeling of being so down because you failed. You failed to prove yourself that you're good at something you've claimed to be good at. You look at yourself in the mirror and see a failure. You know that your failure doesn't define your entire story, but somehow the feeling that you didn't succeed lingers. To you, that failure is enough to describe yourself. It's a feeling that's very difficult to overcome.

You know it's only a stage, a phase, that we all need to live through. And yet, you still keep on thinking that you failed and that's the end of it. It seems that you can't forgive yourself for failing. You know you've given all your effort, but you still couldn't forget that you failed. You think of positive quotations, motivational quotations, that will help change how you feel.

But let me emphasize this realization: You failed, and that's it! Grades, wealth, and material things are less important. What matters most is what and who you become in the end.


You cannot define your ending just because you failed once, twice, or thrice. Your failure is actually the start of another chapter. Yes, it can't be reversed. You can blame yourself, cry, rant, of course. But you cannot let that failure define your ending.

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You failed, then so be it. You can start another chapter and allow that failure to be your stepping stone. Failure isn't the ending because for every problem comes a solution. What more can you do, that's the question you have to answer. Problems don't involve choices sometimes, so you have to trust yourself to answer that. No one best fits to answer the question but yourself!

Don't allow that failure, that tragedy, to be your ending. Endings are supposed to be happy ones, so get up! Start a new good chapter!

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