From Our Readers: You Were the Soul Sister I Didn't Expect

True friendship comes unexpectedly.
by Precious Rosemily   |  Nov 25, 2016
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Just like love, the best friendships come unplanned. Some friendships start with a simple greeting, some in short conversations that lead to long talks, some comes as a surprise that makes you wonder where they've been all your life, while some starts as two strangers who never thought will get along impeccably and will be the two inseparable human beings.

We don't hate each other but there is that perception when we first met that we don't have that instant connection. I can never describe what it feels. There is nothing special about our first meeting but I do remember thinking that you'll be the last person I can be close to. I was fine with the formal relationship I have with you. I never had the courage to be close to you, but you were very distant and so I stopped reaching out to you. I thought it will be like that forever but I guess fate has its own plan of making us realize that there comes a person in our life whom we never thought we'll value more than the people around us.


It all started on that afternoon when our group were talking about senseless topics and I said something funny that maked you laugh. That was the first time I saw you as a different person. Never did expect that that moment will be the beginning of our friendship.

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We discovered that we have a few similarities and plenty of differences, but the funny thing is we get along just fine. Despite the distance and differences, we still made it. We managed to keep our communication going like we were just two doors apart.

We've been there for each other during the highs and lows. When your father died, my heart was shattered, too, like yours. I wanted to do everything that I could just to see that sparkle in your eyes again. That was the time I realized that you're already one of those people who occupied a special place in my heart and in my life.


I see you not just a good friend but more of a sister from another mother. You have been my mentor, my adviser, sometimes my mother whenever you scold me over my childish acts.

I sometimes wonder how we manage to handles each other's flaws and imperfections. We argue, we have disagreements but later on we'll act like we never had a fight at all. How we complete each other's life is a mystery but no words can really describe how grateful I am for having the kind of friend I have in you and know that you're one of the people I will surely travel miles for in case you need me by your side.

People ask me why you? They say you're not the ideal friend. Sometimes you're insensitive, a nagger, stubborn and short-tempered but I guess real friendship exists when two people can't really understand why we still want the person who sometimes pisses us off, that there might be plenty of reasons to leave this person but you choose to hold on to your friendship for a simple reason: love.


I love you for who you are, your shortcomings, imperfections. There might be a lot of people who are more like the ideal friend than you but I don't want them simply because they're not you.

Thank you for the wonderful friendship that only exists between us. Those moments we laugh over silly things, those nightouts where we talk about repetitive topics and people, the times we understand each other's feelings without saying any word, and that simple hug we give to each other when words aren't enough. We do complement each other and how we embrace our differences is what makes our friendship stronger. I know that even if we'll be separated by distance, our friendship will still survive and we'll take every trials in our friendship as challenges we need to conquer together to keep our what we have stronger than ever.

My dear sister, thank you for coming into my life. I would not be able to experience the happiness our friendship brings if I haven't met you. You are such a wonderful person. If I were to repeat my life, I will still wish to meet you in any circumstances. Our friendship has taught me a lot of things. It made me discover more of myself and you made me realize that no matter how crazy I can become, there is someone like you who will accept me. Words are not enough to express how much I value the kind of friend like you in my life and know that I'm planning to keep you for the rest of my life.

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