From Our Readers: You're Just Another Sad Story to Write About

You never loved me back.
by Vic Macam   |  Jul 14, 2016
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Years ago, I was just another sophomore hoping to be seated beside you. I was that one classmate of yours who would give anything just to hear your voice and see the smile on your face when you're with the love of your life.

Years ago, I was one of the smartest girls in class who wanted to change you. Well, not because you flunked in all of the subjects, nor because you looked physically unpleasant, but it was because I wanted you to strive harder and excel.

Years ago, I secretly watched your volleyball practices because I never wanted to be "just like the other girls." I would stare at you dreamily when the ball bounced towards me and there you were, coming to get it.

Years ago, I cared for you.

Years ago, I understood all your flaws.

Years ago, I loved you. And you never loved me back. Yes, you broke me more than you could ever imagine. And now, I swore to myself that I will unlove you no matter what.


You are my first love and my first heartbreak. You tore my heart apart, but I still loved you with every tiny bit left of me. Five years have passed, and I want to end this crazy feeling already. My friends have been telling me to stop my madness because it's the 21st century already so it's acceptable that your first love isn't your last. I wanted to tell them that maybe, my love for you was different. I wanted to tell them that I know you will always be my first and last. I wanted to tell them that I know fate will lead us back into each other's arms. Maybe not today, not tomorrow, not the next five years, but someday, it will.

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But who am I kidding right? You left, and you never told me you loved me. It would be foolish of me to hold on to a love that never existed. And again, I already swore to myself that I will unlove you no matter what.


Please believe that I tried. For the past five years, I tried to unlove you. I tried to tell myself that we're not meant to be together. I tried to hate you for not loving me back.

I tried every possible way to forget that once in my young life, I loved someone like you.

Yet no matter how hard I tried, I can't unlove you. The love and the pain you left me became scars. I can't unlove you because after all these years, you already made your permanent mark inside my heart that will forever remind me that once in my life, I loved someone like you.

So for now, you are just another sad story I tell my friends. You're just another sad story I write about. You're just another sad story that taught me how to love without asking anything in return. For now, you are just another sad story I will forever hold onto.

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