From Our Readers: You Have to Dare to Be Different

It may be a good thing to be one with the crowd, but it is the best feeling when we are one with ourselves.
by Audrey V. Cawis   |  Oct 13, 2016
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"It takes nothing to join the crowd. It takes everything to stand alone." —Hans F. Hansen

Everything in our generation right now revolves around trends. The society has an understanding that we will be left behind in life if we do not keep up with these trends. Because of this understanding, we feel awkward when we want to turn left when everyone is going right. We feel uneasy when we want to go over the top when everyone has a standard to keep it low-key. Most of all, we feel mistaken when we want to stand out and we feel wrong to crave for the right to independence and freedom.

It may be a good thing to be one with the crowd, but it is the best feeling when we are one with ourselves.

It takes courage to finally accept that what we like may not be what everybody adores.  It may be difficult to feel different, but the end result will always make us realize that the only life we have to have control over is ours, that living for ourselves is more important than living for the sake of everyone's standards.



A lot of people find it difficult to find themselves. As teenagers, we have a lot of ways to cope up with changes. We can travel, be more adventurous. Nothing screams freedom louder than a teenager trying to explore the world. However, most teenagers do not have the full freedom to run away from home and be fully independent. Take it easy. Take baby steps, take one step at a time.

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One step we can definitely climb alone is taking the risk to change the way we look. We may have dressed or prepped for the way society thinks is beautiful, but this step gives us the freedom to be our own selves. We have the ability to be comfortable about the way we present ourselves to the public. We can have the lightest and the heaviest makeup on, and no one gets to have a say with what we think of beauty. We can wear polka dot dresses with neon-colored socks and neon-colored shoes, or wear plain shirts with plain sneakers, and not have to deal with the comments about the way we put our clothes together.


Fashion does not have any rules. In fact, it wants us to discover our own personality and let our creativity rule over our comfort zone, let it be our guide to taking the next step.

Trends will always be a part of our society. But that does not mean we have to always go with the flow. The flow may be a hindrance to expressing our personalities, and a barrier to letting our hidden talents show. We won't hurt anyone if we change a little something in our lives, since it's not theirs. So dare to be different. Besides, I don't think anyone would go blind over a neon-neon combination.

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